scoring 15-2

Although I've been playing Cribbage for quite a while, but recently I met a New player who threw me off balance by "his" rule which differed from what I've always followed. Here's how it went.

He threw down a king, and then I threw down a king, so I scored for a pair. But then he threw down a five, at which point he said he scored two points because his five and my king totalled fifteen. I DISagreed because the Three cards on the table add up to Twenty-five, so my opponent can Not score two points from count of fifteen. But my opponent objected by saying that he's counting just the TOP cards. Who is correct, my opponent or me?

You're right!

You are correct.

Although you can score in the play from pairs or runs regardless of the count, you can ONLY score 15-2 if you make the total count 15. You cannot score just for playing a card which makes 15 when added to the previous card.