Scoring 3-4-5-6

Dan R Clark writes:

If you have 3,4,5,6 in your hand,is this a 4 count or a 6 count?

The 4-5-6 makes 15, so that's 2 points, and there is a run of 4, so that's 6 points altogether.

Do you have the option of

Do you have the option of counting 2 runs of 3? 3,4,5 and then 4,5,6 add that with 15-2 for a total of 8 points?

We all wish that were

We all wish that were possible, but no. 3-4-5-6 is a run of four.

pobability of arrangement

pobability of arrangement runs is much higher than arrangementof three cards of the same rank
so it would be injustice if the run of 3 gave 8 rather than 3 points

same thing is about why the flush is only count when is in the crib or hand
it is much easier to make flush than runs in play