Three-handed cribbage skunks

Gloria emailed to ask:

if the winner skunks both opponents does he get 2 extra wins

I would say yes, if you score a skunk against one of your opponents you get 2 wins, so if you score a skunk against both, you should get 3 wins.

3 player cribbage scoring

If you skunk two players why wouldn't you get two wins one from each of them for four (4) wins and if you beat one and skunked one get three (3) wins.

If that is not the proper scoring, how do you then score two wins? Two(2) points?

Thank you for you comments and clarification. We have been battling this scoring for a long time.


In our family we play tournaments with 2, 3 or 4 players and we deal with skunking in the following manner. In 2 player games a win is 1 point and a loss 0 points. For a skunk the winner gets half a point and the loser loses half a point. Therefore winner scores 1.5 points and the loser scores -0.5 points. Notice that this gives a 2 point difference as in normal scoring (2 for a loss and 0 to the loser) Our sytem rewards the winner and punishes the loser which to us makes the most sense.In a 3 player game where 1st, 2nd and 3rd are 2,1 and 0 points respectively the same is done . For each player skunked the winner gets half a point and each person skunked loses half a point If the winner skunks one player the score is 2.5,1,-0.5,. If the winner skunks 2 players the score is 3,0.5,-0.5. In a 4 player game where non skunk scoring is 3,2,1,0 my system works as follows....If winner skunks 1 player the score is 3.5,2,1,-0.5. If the winner skunks 2 players the score is 4,2,0.5,-0.5. If the winner skunks all 3 players the score is 4.5,1.5,0.5,-0.5. Notce that in a 3 player game the total points alway remains the same at 3 and in the 4 player game the total points for a game is always 6 Let me know h=what you think Kirk


Playing at home skunks can be set up however you want. Playing in official ACC tournaments, the 'skunking' rules are layed out in the rules. It uses a scorecard and you get zero points for a loss, 2 points for a win, and 3 points for a skunk (for any win of 31 points or more). Double and triple skunks only count as skunks. Join a local club and play with friends and keep pegging!