Pegging question

Rudy writes:

If the point count in playing a hand is at 25, and I’ve laid a Ace to make it 26, my opponent plays an Ace to make it 27, he gets 2 points for the pair, and I say “go” and he has another Ace, does he get 2 points for the first pair of Aces, and then 6 points for 3 of a kind ?

We're handing this over to Ezra, the Cribbage Corner librarian and rules guru, for a definitive answer. Ezra has a snowy white beard and half-moon spectacles, as you might imagine. Ezra says:


Unfortunately he not only scores 6 for the pair royal on top of the 2 he already scored for the pair. He scores an additional 1 for go, making 8 in total for the play of two cards.

Wouldn't it be 9 total? 2

Wouldn't it be 9 total?
2 for pair
+ 6 for trips
+ 1 for go?


Yes the total would be 9, not 8. I guess Ezra can't see that well after all.

scoring a pair royal when opponent has no cards.

This pegging question is similar to the one that came up today in our at-sea tournament aboard our ship and I was wondering if you could confirm for me. I've done an extensive on-line search for an answer and have come up empty. The answer from Rudy and Ezra is the closest I could find and I believe applies equally to our situation. It is thus:

I had no more cards to play. My opponent had three remaining in his hand. The play was:

9 for 18; he pegs 2 points for the pair
9 for 27: 6 points for the pair royal and one for the "go"

total pegging points = 9

Could anyone confirm that this is correct? There were those who claim that the total pegging points in this situation was 7 (6 for the pair royal and 1 for the "go". Apologies if this seem inherently obvious. I believe the 9 pegged points to be correct.

Many thanks,

Scoring runs during pegging

We recently came across this scenario playing three-handed cribbage. While pegging:

Player 1 played a 6.
Player 2 played a 8.
Player 3 payed a 7 and pegged three points for the run.

Player 1 then played a 6. Does he get to peg three points for a second run of three?