New Game, Based On Cribbage

Hi. My name is Adam. I'm new here. I hope this doesn't violate any rules, but I wanted to give Cribbage fans a chance to "beta-test" a Cribbage-like game that I invented with a friend over the past couple of weeks.

We're biased, of course, but we both enjoy it more than Cribbage. It's more challenging, more dynamic, can turn on a dime, and has a sort of "game-within-the-game" aspect that adds a whole different level. Cribbage players will pick it up pretty easily, but it has some major differences that really make it its own game.

I'm not trying to sell anything; I just wanted to pass it along and get feedback. The rules are pretty well complete, but I'm definitely open to suggestions.

Anyway, you can view the rules here:

There's contact info on the Web page, and you can download the rules as a Rich Text document.

Thanks! I hope to hear from you. If it catches on, you can say you were there when it happened.

Since I first posted this,

Since I first posted this, I've changed a couple of rules, including one MAJOR change (eliminating the Absolute Zero Round, adding the rule that players can move the peg either direction). Having played several games with the new rules, I'm confident that the game is 99% complete. There are still a couple of debatable points, but the game as it is is very playable and very enjoyable. Please, take the time to read the rules, play a few games, and let me know what you think.