More important: Wins or Points?

In a recent playing session with a friend, we played numerous games and kept track of overall wins and total points. At the end, I led in overall wins, but trailed in points (due to several skunks). We each were able to lay claim to some form of victory, and defeat. My question is: Are Wins more important than Points, or the other way around?



Wins are always more important. But skunks are valued more. Points are only used for tie-breakers. In tournament play, you would receive 2 points for a win and 3 for a skunk and zero for a loss. Lets say that you and your friend score it this way and you both end up with 14 points. Say that one of you had 7 wins worth 2 points each and another had 6 wins 4 of which were regular wins and two were skunks! Which one is better? The one with the more wins. The first tie-breaker is always total wins and then it moves to points after that. Often you will see a scorecard kept like this: 14/7 +103. That means 14 points-7 wins +103 spread points. Spread points can be + - or even zero. Highest in the win column wins, unless a tie, then go to total games, then to spread points only if still tied. Hope that helps.