Match play rules: high hand, corners, skunks and points

So we received large 4-track cribbage board this Christmas and it has extra tracks for points, skunks, high hand, corners, and games. I have scoured the Internet and can't find anywhere that describes how to use these. We have just been using the points by tallying the points each player has at the end of each game, but from looking online I am under the impression that you can incorporate the other tracks into the points.

Also, we understand the corners, game and skunk tracks, but the high hand is ambiguous. Does it mean the person with the highest hand per deal (including pegging and/or crib), or the person with the highest hand the whole game?

Since we've been playing for points we don't keep track of game winneres, but I've seen some explanations where winning games add points to your score. I find it amazing that even the official cribbiabe rules don't have tournament rule explanations. Any help on this would be appreciated!

Match play rules

Match play rules can be about anything that you want them to be. Official cribbage rules are available which also incorporates some tournament rules as well. These can be viewed at Normally, high hand honors go to the person who has the highest hand in a match, not in a game. Say you and I, were playing and we agreed that we would play best out of 9 games. The person with the first/last/most (depending on what we agree on) high hands gets to win that portion of the game. Most grass roots cribbage clubs have this weekly. It normally costs $1 and the last high hand (normally a 24 hand) gets the pool for the week. Most places play on a game system + a point system. In ACC cribbage, a normal win counts as a score of 2, a skunk of any amount counts as 3 and a loss as zero. The points (both plus and minus) are tallied at the end to break up any ties. So in our 9 games we played, say you had a 13/6/+74. That would mean that you won 13 points for winning 6 games (one was a skunk) and had +74 points. It sounds like you got a really neat board, now use it however you would like and keep pegging!