Last card, 31 for 2

After both have played all the cards for pegging points the person who had the very last card plays a 2 that equals 31 does that give them 2 points for making 31 and 1 point for last card since it was the last of all the cards played before counting the hands?

Last card vs go

If you searched this board, this question is answered over and over again. There is NO LAST CARD IN CRIBBAGE. Anyone who tells you that there is DOES NOT KNOW THE RULES. There is a GO and there is a GO + a bonus. A GO is defined as playing a card closest to OR EQUAL TO 31 and NO OTHER PLAYER can play a card closer to 31. This can occur while pegging or at the end of pegging. (playing your last card under 31). It is a point for a last GO, NOT a point for Last Card. THIS IS WHY THERE IS NO LAST CARD! Because of your question and the way people say LAST CARD causes this confusion. Landing on 31 exactly gives you a Go + a bonus point for landing on 31 exactly. So no. You only get 2 points. Ever. No matter what card you play whether is is the 4th card or the last card. Only 2 points. Ever