Kings Cribbage

Kings Cribbage

Kings Cribbage is a cribbage board game similar to Scrabble, in which you use tiles to create interlocking cribbage scoring combinations. The players draw to see who goes first, and then choose 5 tiles each. The first player can place a line of tiles on the board anywhere, in any direction, as long as they create a cribbage score. The first play must be between 2 and 5 tiles, but all subsequent plays can be 1 to 5 tiles.

The score in Kings Cribbage is made up the same way as with normal cribbage scoring: fifteens, runs, pairs, and so on. The play continues as in Scrabble, with each player making the best play possible from his hand and then restocking. The game continues until one player has used up all his/her tiles. At the end of the game, any remaining tiles in a player's hand subtract from his points. Each tile placed on the Kings Cribbage board must be part of a cribbage score (for example, 4568 is disallowed because the 8 does not count towards a score). Each scoring 'hand' in Kings Cribbage is limited to a maximum of 5 tiles.

Kings Cribbage scoring is exactly the same as in the standard cribbage rules, with one interesting exception: five of a kind scores 20. There are two suits: light brown and dark brown.

Kings Cribbage is not a variant of cribbage, but a board game inspired by cribbage. To get a flavour of Kings Cribbage, try the Kings Cribbage Online site where you can play Kings Cribbage for free via your web browser.