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Big hand or Big mistake?

I taught my 11 year old son to play a few weeks ago and he is really taken with the game.

On Sunday, he had an amazing hand and I want to make sure the I taught him how to score it correctly.

his hand: A 2 3 3
my hand: 2 3 3 4
cut: A

I lead the 3
he played his 3 to make 6 and peg 2 points
I played my 3 to make 9 and peg 6 points
he played his 3 to make 12 and peg 12 points,

so then there were 4 threes played in a row. I could play my 4 or 2, opening up the chance for a run.

I played my 2 for 14,
and he played his ace for 15, and 2 points, and a quadruple run, 3,3,3,3,2,A for 24 points!!

I played my 4 for 19
and he played his 2 for last card and a point,

so, he pegged 41 points!! is this correct??

and then I scored 10 for my double run

and he scored 16 for a double double run,

so he got 57 points, and I don't even remember what the crib was.

Did I mess up the scoring, or was this an incredible hand?

You very much messed up the

You very much messed up the scoring in play. You never score multiple runs in play, so when he played the ace, he should have gotten 3 for the run and 2 for fifteen, totalling 5 points.
The hands were scored correctly, A233+A is 16 and 2334+A is 10.