I am new to 4-hand cribbage and want to know how to win. Who can help, please?

Could anyone please tell me how I can learn 4-hand crib so that I can win with my partner?. I have just joined a team and the concept is new to me - I have been used to the 2-hand 6-card game up to now.

4 Hand Crib

The key to 4 hand is the Crib or box. You play your own hand the way you would normally but must be in sync with your partner as to what cards are discards. If you are both discaring the same cards then you are probably putting points in the Crib. Remember it is worth taking a small hit on the hand you hold to ensure the crib is not a give away.

A different game

Doubles or 4-handed is a completely different game. Rarely will you have good cribs, and I have found that if you are aggressive you will score more points (in pegging). This game relies on luck way more than two-handed.