How to score this hand?

I had a crib hand that was 5-6-6-6- and the turn over card was a 7. How do I score this? Is there 3 ways to count a double run for 24 points or is it three runs of 5-6-7-and 6 points for the three 6's for a total of 15 points? Many thanks!

3 runs of 5-6-7 for 9

3 runs of 5-6-7 for 9 points
+ three of a kind for 6 = 15 points


I had 4 twos in my hand and a 9 was turned up, how many points is it?

20 points

6 pair = 12 points
4 x 15's = 8 points

here's the breakdown of the pairs:

and the 15's:

20 points. There are four

20 points. There are four ways to make a group of three deuces: (1) club, diamond, heart; (2) club, diamond, spade; (3) club, heart, spade; and (4) diamond, heart, spade.
Each of those four combos produces a fifteen when added to the nine, so you have eight points in fifteens.

There are six ways to pair the four deuces, so those four deuces independently are worth 12 points.

Total -- fifteen eight plus twelve for the four twos equals 20 points.

20. 15 for 8 (4 3- card

20. 15 for 8 (4 3- card combinations added for 6) plus 12 for the 4- of -a- kind.



There are four different

There are four different combinations of three 2's which, when combined with the 9 = 15 points. So you count: 15-2, 15-4, 15-6, 15-8 + 4 of a kind for 12 pts = a total of 20.

That crib would score 15 -

That crib would score 15 - three runs and a tripple

Is this correct

So I got a T J J Q Q hand. I say it's worth 16 pts but my brother says 10. What one is right?? Plz help..

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If I have 3- sevens and an 8 in my hand and an ace comes up what is my score


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