Help with 3 handed crib

Hi, can you guys help with something. We don't usually play 3 handed crib and no amount of google is helping lol.
When pegging pairs can you only play off the person before yours' hand? Like say player 1 plays a 5 but player 2 plays a 3 and player 3 plays a 5. Can player 3 claim a pair off player 1's 5?

yes you can only play of the previous persons hand

When you are counting you can only peg sombody that just put down their card.
So if the first player puts down a 3 and second Player puts down a 6. When the thrid player puts down a 3 they don't get the pair.

Scoring combinations

All scoring combinations are working with the cards immediately played before them. You cannot just skip over a card to get what you want.

3 handed cribbage reply

Agreed. You cant count pairs that way, but you can count runs that way as long as they are not interrupted. Just like regular cribbage...out of order is OK, but cant be interrupted.

three handed Crib

Now that you have explained the scoring for pairs how about for run's? If Player -1, plays a Jack then Player-2 plays a Ten, then Player-3 plays a Queen. can Player-3 score the 3points for that run?


Any uninterrupted sequence of 3 or more connecting cards scores one point for each card. Your example would score 3 points. It is important to remember that Kings and Aces are at the end of their line. You cannot 'wrap-around' and use an Ace with King. Kings can only be used in runs with Queens and Aces can only be used in runs containing a 2.


The question has come up, if a player pegs out and one player is over the skunk line and the third player is behind the skunk line is it a single win or a skunk or both. 3 points?

It depends

It depends on what you are playing for. Let's say you are playing for points or $1. Then one person would owe you 1 and the other would owe you 2.