handmade cribbage log huge solid cribbage tournament tables, very original, one of a kind

polyuerethaned or polymer finished table made in my home shop, most out of log slabs, weathered, stained, or original. Sizes vary upon order, custom made fo hunters, sports, female or male. Sizes vary most, 48" long, 30" tall, 12-22 " wide. Made to order. Mone like these on the web or that I have found. Tounament 1st place prizes for sure. I am in Montana but we can work something out. write me if interested. Oh all have casters, brass handles, and handmade wood pegs, Prises from $100-$400, and could be resold for double that, any advise for this iliterate crib player? Most tables are made to suit 3 players, or teams, with game-score holes also. Can send pics if you are interested. contact me at david_frankforter@yahoo.com and I can send pics. Tables weigh from 40 lbs. and 80 lbs, and are from 2" thick to 4", knots and greying