how many holes are in a cribbage board?

Penalty for (repeated) misdealing

By email:

I am wondering if you could help me. I belong to a cribbage club and today we were playing partners. (4 players). The lady to right of me dealt the cards, she dealt herself 6 cards instead of 5. She picked up her cards then decided she would not play them. Her partner said she would pick one of her cards but she said no, that she would deal again....we all sat there in shock. The next round came around and she did the same thing. This had gone right around the table, to here turn again. Both times we all had a great hand, so this was not very amusing. I told her that I had heard that when you miss deal that you would automatic loose your crib and turn and it would go to the next person. Could you please advise our club on the rules. Many thanks.

I sympathise, as this must be a frustrating occurrence. However, the nearest thing we have to official rules of cribbage (the ACC tournament rules) only say that if a misdeal is discovered, the hand must be dealt again. There is no penalty for a misdeal, even repeated misdeals.

If the starter card has already been turned when the misdeal is discovered, then the situation is slightly different - the hand is played out, but any points scored by the dealer in pegging and hand are not counted. The crib may be scored unless there are too many cards in the crib.

This is the relevant section of the rules:

However, the ACC also notes that 'pone has a responsibility to observe the dealing and to call attention to any irregularities'. If someone is repeatedly misdealing, that is hard to explain given the assumption of good faith. You may decide that someone who repeatedly misdeals in this way is not someone that you choose to play with in the future.

You mentioned that the dealer "picked up her cards then decided she would not play them". The dealer does not have this choice. Either the hand must be redealt (if the starter card has not been turned) or it must be played out (if the starter has been turned), and the dealer scores no points from her illegal hand.

Century cribbage board

Linda sent us this question by email:

Hi, for the life of me I can not find any info on this. We have a, "Century continuous track cribbage" (121 holes)board by ARE JAY GAME CO. INC., Cleveland Ohio Made in USA.

In the center (the infield) are holes for scoring:
GAMES WON (which is simple enough) Goes up to 9 each for R W & B
LEGS (Not sure how or why to use these) Also has 9 holes for R W & B
SKUNKS (Who pegs here? The player skunked or the player who skunks you?) Also has nine holes etc.
TOTAL POINTS HOLES 1-10, then 20,40,60 etc up to 100 & then 200,300 etc up to 900 for R W & B
(What points do we put here and why? Is there a total we are heading to or is that arbitrary?)
It also says that it is a "2 3 4 6 player board"
So how do you determine the winner using all the above holes? I have no clue on any of this and have researched till I can't see straight. Any and all info would be greatly appreciated. This seems to be the only board with all these extras and we just don't know the right way to use them or why. Please help?

Does anyone have one of these boards who can help out Linda with some information?

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