Does the dealer always peg one point?

Jay Boysun asks via email:

I had a quick question regarding pegging and am hoping you could provide some light being shed upon the subject. My Grandfather taught me the game when I was younger and I thought I remember him telling me that if you are the dealer you will always have at least one point in the peg although you would not necesarrily reciev any points in the hand or crib. The subject came up tonight when my family was playing cards and this talked about. I am just curious if this holds true in 2 handed cribbage as well as 3 or 4 handed play.

We referred this question to Professor Plum, Cribbage Corner's resident maths and statistics expert. Professor Plum:


Your grandfather was quite right. In two player cribbage, the dealer must peg at least one point. Here's why. You both have the same number of cards. Your opponent plays first. When you play your last-but-one card, either your opponent can go or he can not. If he can, you get a point for last. If he can't, you get a point for Go.

This is not necessarily true in the 3 or 4 player game as someone else can score the Go.

Thanks, Professor! And thanks Jay, for asking the question.

Cribbage on Television

As I recall, on the television series, BONANZA, there were AT LEAST two episodes where Cribbage was played by the characters. I was wondering if anybody remembers which specific episodes they were as far as their titles.

Cribbage board marked "Eugene Tully"

Lynn writes:

It suddenly occurred to me to day that I might begin to attempt to find a lost cribbage board with great sentimental value to me. It belonged to my dad and was sent to him in France during WW2. His mother had his name and APO address wood-burned into the back side. It was just a 'typical 3"x8-10" board, with the little hole for the pegs on the back with a wood slide cover. His name was Eugene Tully. Do you have *any* idea where I might go to get the word out there to see if someone might have this board?

If anyone has a clue about the location of this board, please reply here.

Paying 120 on a 60 hole board

I've got some cool boards that only have 60 holes (30 up one side). After having a few drinks, I've found it hard to peg accurately. Any suggestions on how to play to 120 on a board with only 60 holes per player?

Antique Brewery Cribbage Boards

I am looking for an Antique cribbage board that has Potosi Beer inscribed on the board. I would imagine it would date to the depression, and one like it has been in our family for some time. Long story short, it was "taken to the grave" by a family member, and I am looking to replace it with a similar board. Any help would be appreciated.

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