Cribbage on android

For those of you that don't go for fruit based computing (mine started and ended with apricot :-) there are a few nice cribbage applications for the Android platform.

I've recently tried a couple on my Xperia X10 and so far am loving "Cribbage pro!" Which you should be able to find on the android market with no probs. Supports 3 levels of computer opponnent and multiplayer play.

Richard (

Scoring 15

How do you score starter 6 and 2 eights and 2 aces for 15s.
Is there a site where you can enter your cards and get a score?

Time limit for Crib tournaments

Peggy emailed:

Our organization has a crib tournament monthly and as seems to be the rule in our area we have put a time limit of 15 minutes on each game (we play partners). Is this a correct rule and if it is can we declare the team the winner who is closest to the finish hole at the end of the time period ? We ask the loser to record their score in case of a tie. Is this the proper way to do things ?

hep counting

What is the score for 666k-3

the play and runs

she played 9, I played 5, she played 6,I played 6, she played 4 claiming a double run and 15 twice. Is this legal?

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