Crib Tournament

Our club wants to hold a crib tournament as no-one in the club has done this what is the simplist way to hold a crib tournament?

handmade cribbage log huge solid cribbage tournament tables, very original, one of a kind

polyuerethaned or polymer finished table made in my home shop, most out of log slabs, weathered, stained, or original. Sizes vary upon order, custom made fo hunters, sports, female or male. Sizes vary most, 48" long, 30" tall, 12-22 " wide. Made to order. Mone like these on the web or that I have found. Tounament 1st place prizes for sure. I am in Montana but we can work something out. write me if interested. Oh all have casters, brass handles, and handmade wood pegs, Prises from $100-$400, and could be resold for double that, any advise for this iliterate crib player? Most tables are made to suit 3 players, or teams, with game-score holes also. Can send pics if you are interested. contact me at and I can send pics. Tables weigh from 40 lbs. and 80 lbs, and are from 2" thick to 4", knots and greying


how many points is a hand with four 5's and one 10

Your 29 hand stories

Readers' stories of the 29 cribbage hands they've received.

Eric Wineburg

Eric writes:

It has been some time since the 29 point hand that I had, maybe 20 or 25 years ago but you really never forget it when it happens. The one thing that was unique about mine is that it was in the crib! My friend John always had the theory of keeping the most possible points. In his case I dealt him one of the eight and seven card double run combinations and a five and a Jack. So he tossed the five and the Jack into my crib. I would have probably done the same because it is a sweet hand to have and your odds are really good for a great hand.

Myself since it was my crib, I tried to work the hand for the most points but to give myself some possibilities in the crib. Don’t really remember what I had but what did have was two fives and no ten cards to match on, so I dished the fives into my crib.

John had the feeling that I had the 29er when he had cut and the five came up and he knew that he threw the same suit Jack. He then saw me perk up! The anticipation was great waiting until the hand was over to flip over the crib!

Cribbage tables for sale

I live in Hamilton,Mt. and I have spent the past lifetime loving and playing crib, and now I am making huge crib tables out of logs and very beuatiful refinished barnwood, they are 48" long,33+ inches high , and from 12 to 17 inches wide, oh and usually 2-3 inches thick. Able to play 3 on most, with holes to keep track of games won, with various designs of pegs. Anyway I think they are beautiful, able to be rolled up to chairs on casters and designer brass handles. Most have polymer finish or polyurethane of many coats, You must see to appreciate. Well I make them but am unsure how to market them , that is not my cup of tea, just want to build them and let someoine else sell them at their own price, I make some you make some. Any takers? I can send pics to anyones email that is truly interested. My email is david_frankforter@yahoo

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