Lowball cribbage

Lowball cribbage is a variant of cribbage. Everything you know is wrong! In Lowball cribbage the aim is to score as low as possible, and the first to 121 is the loser. The winner scores a skunk if he has not yet reached 91 when his opponent pegs out. The play is turned on its head and zero-point hands suddenly become desirable. Playing Lowball will keep your skills and concentration sharp; it is easy to forget that one is trying not to peg points. The play requires you to rewrite your strategy - now you are trying to force your opponent into making scores, and avoid them yourself.

Lowball cribbage links

If you want to know more about lowball cribbage, visit the Lowball Cribbage web site.

Cribbage Plus!

Developer Gus Lindquist has just released a new version of his excellent Cribbage Plus! game for Mac OS X.

You can download Cribbage Plus! for free, but registering the game (priced at $12) unlocks extra features, including more skilful opponents. This is a nice looking cribbage game, with a beautifully-drawn cribbage board, and some unusual twists which lift it above the average computer cribbage game.

Optional rules

Instead of scoring points for 15s, you can opt for other numbers - or even make it a random number for each hand. You can also change the 31 score to any number you like. You can swap cards with your opponent if you wish, and even peg points in the play for flushes!

You don't have to use these options of course; out of the box, Cribbage Plus! plays standard cribbage, but it's nice to see such original features in a cribbage game.


Unregistered users play against Novice Nelly, not the strongest of cribbage players, but a good challenge for beginners. Once you've registered, you can select from The Professor (an expert level player), or even God (what's that? God plays cribbage? Of course He does!)


Another original feature of Cribbage Plus! is the achievements system; every time you complete one of the goals such as 'Score a 24 hand', or 'Defeat the Professor 6 times in a row', you unlock new tablecloth designs to play with instead of the traditional green baize. Some of these are extremely difficult ('Score a 28+ hand') but will keep you playing, possibly for years to come.

Cribbage Plus! is a quirky, fun game with a good sense of humour, and an excellent way for beginners to learn cribbage, and experts to sharpen up their skills. Recommended.

Origins of cribbage

Origins of cribbage

Cribbage has been around since the 1600s. Poet Sir John Suckling of England first popularised it and described the rules of cribbage in roughly their modern form. Cribbage (originally spelt "cribbidge" - not "cribage") is a fairly straightforward development of an earlier game called Noddy, Suckling's main contribution being the 'crib' that gives the modern game its name. It was originally played with five cards rather than six, as is now the standard, but the play and strategy are almost identical and the five-card game still survives, especially in the UK.

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Just Cribbage updated

Just Cribbage author Shaun Ruddick has announced a new version of his free download Windows cribbage game. Download it now from his site: http://freespace.virgin.net/shaun.ruddick/download_now.htm

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