how do you score a hand that includes 3 fours and a four?

Scoring a hand

My husband I have recently started playing scribbage. We are questioning when you intermingle cards for multiple counts.
In the show, how would you score a hand of 555Q & the up card is a 3? And a hand that is 778A & the up card an A.
Thank you for your help
Shelley & Mark

When to reshuffle?

We are relearning to cribbage after many years. I know this is a stupid question, but all the sources on the Internet seem to skip over it. After playing the first 13 cards, (right?), and when all the play on that hand is over, do you set those "used" cards aside and continue using the rest of the deck? Or do you stop, reshuffle, and then re-deal after each hand? I know it is silly to anyone who has played. But ahhhh, soon we too will be dedicated cribbage fans. Thanks. Karl K


I was playing a game the other day when a situation came up. My friend told me that you can get points for fifteen in a couple of ways. For instance,

Player 1: Plays a 10
Player 2: Plays a 5
Player 1: Plays a King

He told me that the Player 1 would also get 2 points for the last card (King plus 5).

Another situation would be:

Player 1: Plays a 7
Player 2: Plays a 8
Player 1: Plays a 7

Can some please clarify if that is right? We are fairly new to cribbage so any help you could offer would be much appreciated.


what is scored by a queen and 4x5's

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