Flush Woes

I am completely new to this game and trying to teach it to a friend (also brand new to the game,) who has a tendency to argue everything and tie things in knots. At least I know what question I need to ask all of you:

Can you count a flush during "pegging" (I did use that term correctly, yes, no? When you are playing alternately?) And if so, how many of the same cards do you need to have for it to count as a flush? And, correct me if I am wrong ... you must have 4 of the same suit to count flush in your hand (five if it's the crib hand.)


Flushes are never scored while pegging. They are only scored in your hands after pegging. You must have all 4 cards in your hand (with or without the starter card of the same suit) to score 4 or 5 points, and you MUST have all 5 cards in a crib (hand + starter card) for a flush in the crib. A crib flush is very rare and only seen once every 700 cribs.

I had my first crib flush

I had my first crib flush this year, and it is the only crib flush I have ever seen (with all 5 cards). And I've played way more 700 hands.

Crib Flush

Those are the overall odds Dwight. Just like any odds, you might get one back-to-back and not see one for another 2000 cribs. Remember, it is 700 cribs, not 700 hands. You normally only get to see about 5 or 6 cribs per game. So about 150 games or so, you will see a crib flush. That is almost 40 straight hours of playing

Flush while pegging.

Someone please answer the question. Can you score a flush while pegging?

Flushes while pegging

No Never

Flush while Pegging

I think it's unfortunate that you cannot score a flush while pegging. It would give you one more thing to think about during the battle; just makes it more interesting. I think anything you can score in your hand you should be able to score in a battle. But who am I? Still an awesome game.

Kitchen Cribbage

You can make up whatever rules you want. It is somewhat intriguing, but would likely lead to super inflated scores and no longer really be cribbage. You can also play with jokers. You can play where you have to go backwards 10 points if you don't have any points in either your hand or your crib. Those are all variations, but not really cribbage.