Double skunk

A double skunk in cribbage (two skunks) is scored when one player beats the other by 60 points or more (one player wins the game while her opponent has 61 or less). This is worth three games, though only a regular skunk is part of the official rules of cribbage.

Skunk scoring

Although people playing for fun may count a skunk as a win of two games or a rare double skunk a win of four games, in ACC official tournament play a skunk (any win of 31 or more points), is counted as 1 1/2 times a regular game. On a normal scorecard you would put a 3 in the column for a skunk and a 2 for a normal win. If you lost, you would put a zero in there. So the value of a skunk in tournament play is 150% that of a normal win. Which, as you could imagine is a huge difference, but not quite two games.