Custom Handmade Montana Blue Pine Cribbage/Coffee Table

I have began a business in Butte Montana making awsome Blue Pine Beetlekill Cribbage Tables. They are of various sizes and styles to meet the need and desire of evey cribbage player. They will make yo the talk of the tournment and the envy of all you play with, you will be King. The sizes vary from 30" long X 12" wide with 2"carved wood pegs to the large Tables that average 40" long 14" wide 24-36" tall and 2-3" thick. The holes can be 3/16 or 1/4" and the pegs 2 or 2 1/2" tall and hand carved. Pull up a chair, set your drink o the table and deal, it is ok I apply 4-5 coats of gloss or satin polyurathane finish to protect from any spills or year of use. The tabletop and legs are very beautiful and unique, rustic log decor. Have stools of blue pine also to match the tables. I also make table tops boards that are 28-24" and 12-14" wide but ar only 3" tall so save on space or make storage and moving easy. Slide it under the couch, lean it on the wall, pack it in the camper,to go hunting, fishing, or in your lodge or cabin. These are way cool. My name is David and you can reach me by email at or you can call me at 406-422-7645 if you have questions or would like me to send you pictures. The pictures do nt do them justice, I even sold ne to a blind man , he could easily count the holes, find the pegs, and the brail set him free to play again, how cool. I like them because the pegs are large and easy to handle, and the holes I can see well and my opponent can't long peg on me. No going back and forth at corners and the skunk and double skunk are there. Most also have a game talley section with pegs to keep track of the games won by each up to 10. they are one of a kind and the prices vary with size and style of course from $100-$300 and I have made them to last for many years, heavy duty and made to last. I have designed them to be disassembled by me for shipping to save on cost, and can be shipped in the US at a reasonable cost usually by FED EX in a couple days. I send instructions on re assembly which takes only a drill or cordless and torgue bit to fit the 16 screws for assembly. I send simple color coded directions and can send pictures if needed. So far I have many happy customers, make it your goal to be the best and have the best. I am at 47 W.Park Butte, Mt. 59701 if you are in the neighborhood, bring your check book , pull up a chair, and cut for crib. Thanks and look forward to hearing from you.


David do you have a website that shows the tables so that we might see them?