Cribbage tables for sale

I live in Hamilton,Mt. and I have spent the past lifetime loving and playing crib, and now I am making huge crib tables out of logs and very beuatiful refinished barnwood, they are 48" long,33+ inches high , and from 12 to 17 inches wide, oh and usually 2-3 inches thick. Able to play 3 on most, with holes to keep track of games won, with various designs of pegs. Anyway I think they are beautiful, able to be rolled up to chairs on casters and designer brass handles. Most have polymer finish or polyurethane of many coats, You must see to appreciate. Well I make them but am unsure how to market them , that is not my cup of tea, just want to build them and let someoine else sell them at their own price, I make some you make some. Any takers? I can send pics to anyones email that is truly interested. My email is david_frankforter@yahoo

Well this is David and

Well this is David and afterover a week I have gotten no response to my inquiry

cribbage tables

I have been looking for a cribbage table for my son,
how much do you charge for them & where abouts are you located?

Cribbage Tables

Cribbage tables for sale, uniques and nice

have made many different designs or log slab or 1/2 log tables for 2 player or 3 players depending, I have different lengths, heights ans styles depending, I can send pics to interested parties, I am located in Hamilton Mt. 40 miles south of Missoula , Mt. I am very small but can make to order with a bit of a notice and will do my best, contact me at or we can trade ph. numbers later, we can do this, I have sold many as tournament prise tables, check it out. where are you located>?

Cribbage tables for sale, uniques and nice

hello I used to have pics on here but they are gone, I have looked at others here and they are so cheap and flimsy and ordinary, Mine are 48" long, 30" high' 21/2 or more thich and 14-22 inches wide, much sanding, many coates of polymer Vinyl inlade numbers. !/4 inch holes, 2-31/2 pegs with hanging storage pouch , you gotta see them they are awsome. I hope you will email me and see some of them and the work I do. It is win , win for sure, I am in Montana but can made them to save shipping greatly. write me at

Cribbage tables for sale, uniques and nice

well I hope that you will contact me if you have not found what you are looking for. I make the biggest and best tables so far that I have ever seen on the internet or anywhere. I will work with you on what you want him to get and if you want it custom made for him and add a touch of personality to it for him I can do that also. Wo work with me and we will see what we can do to make this win, win for both. david

quality cribbage tables

Hello, think I sent you a reply a while back but never recieved a reply back from you., if you want the best table that is offered anywhere for your son you need to contact me. I really do make the best, they are more like furniture and will suit ever the best and most fanatical crib player. If your son is just learning then he may not appreiciate the quality of this table, not crib board but cribbage table, with casters and brass handles and many other quality features, will send pics upon request, I am in Montana also
but make these to be shipped fairly cheaply and easily. David

Cribbage Table

Looking for answer on cost to purchase a cribbage table.

cribbage table

im located in Moravia IA I will charge $135.00 I will by wood and supplies

I would like to see some

I would like to see some pics! Please send some. Thanks.

Cribbage tables for sale, uniques and nice

Kym did you get the pics that I sent you? I did not get a reply from you at all so I am wondering, get back with me and lets make a deal, if you want the best then contact me, i have looked at some of the others and they do not compare, of course you get what you pay for, I have good customer recommondations.

I would like to see some

I would like to see some pics! Please send some. Thanks.

custom cribbage boards

There are also handmade fine custom cribbage boards - available here...

Selling cribbage tables

Hi Dave,

I would be interested in selling these for you if you are still looking for marketing help. Please let me know.