Cribbage for six players

Every week we play four players to a table but some people play a game with six players. Apparently it is more fun. Dis anybody every play it and if so what are the rules ?

6 Player Cribbage

6 Player cribbage is a lot of fun. Basically, you can play it two ways. You can have three sets of two-person teams, or you can have 6 individual players playing all for themselves (cutthroat). Either way, the play is the same. We find it more fun to play as teams. So here are the rules: The Dealer and the player to the Dealer's LEFT, will ONLY get 4 cards and will NOT discard into the crib. All other players will get five cards and will discard one into the crib. Play then is carried out like normal doubles. Player to the left of the dealer plays first and rotates clockwise. It is important that your two people pegging are paying attention, as they have to peg their hands and their teammates as well.

I would speculate this is 3

I would speculate this is 3 teams of two, similar to 2v2 cribbage. What I don't know is what would happen to the crib. In 2v2 you are dealt 5 cards and throw one in the crib so the crib also has 4 cards. In 2v2v2, how many cards are dealt and how is the crib formed?