is you have a run that goes like this 2,_5 ,ace,-4, 6, _3,7, CAN YOU COUNT BACK TO THE 2, FOR 7 POINTS?

Yes, it only adds up to 28,

Yes, it only adds up to 28, and the sequence is there, no matter how jumbled!

Counting runs in pegging can

Counting runs in pegging can get a little confusing. But you can go back until a duplicate or GO is reached. The cards do no have to be played in order.

If the sequence goes [note: ignoring the 15-2 and last]

2 3
5 4 [4= four points]
A 7 [A= five points; 7=zero]
6 2 [6= seven points; 2= seven points]


Yes that is a run of seven. Score it.

kings cribbage

how much would you count for 5 x5's in kings cribbage?

Also would that not be the perfect count for 5 individual tiles?


Can you count nobs when you play it during the pip or do you have to wait to add it to your count at the end.


Nobs (holding the jack in the hand or crib that is the same suit as the turn card) can only be scored once, when the hand is scored.