Cribbage rules - winning the game

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In the standard six-card cribbage game the winner is the first player to reach 121 points, and the end of the board. The cribbage rules do not require you to score exactly 121; any score that takes you past 120 points is enough to win - provided you get to count it! If the loser has not reached 91 points the victor scores a skunk, or double win. Some players also set a double skunk line at 61, for a three (or four) game victory, which adds a certain piquancy to a crushing defeat. The double skunk rules are optional, however.

A double skunk (courtesy of Steve Ercolini)

What next?

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Last card scoring


Could find anything on your pages about scoring a point for last card. Please could you clarify when you score a point for last card?

Cheers dan

Finishing a game

Cn you end the game on a go ?


You can end the game on any movement of the pegs that takes you into hole 121. That can be the cut of a jack, a go, or any scoring move.