Cribbage rules - the scoring

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Having played out all the cards, both players then score their hands, pone first - this time including the turn-up card as part of both hands. The dealer's crib also includes the turn-up. Again, points are scored for 15s, runs, and pairs; you can also score for a flush (all cards of the same suit) - see the cribbage scoring chart below for a handy reference. It is a key part of the rules of cribbage that the non-dealer should score first - at the end of the game, both players may have enough points to win, and the right to score first will determine victory. The cribbage board's positions usually alternate during the game, with first one player leading, then the other. The trick is to be in the first-scoring position when you are close enough to win!

Cribbage flush

If the four cards in your hand are of the same suit, you score four for a flush (a cribbage flush, unlike in poker, doesn't beat three of a kind!). If the starter card is also of the same suit, you score five. However, in the crib you cannot score a four-card flush; all five must be the same suit. These rules occasionally have local variations, so check to make sure which rules are being used. In an official tournament, the American Cribbage Congress rules apply.

Some cribbage rules sites explicitly state that flushes are not scored in cribbage. This is incorrect, at least according to the American Cribbage Congress rules, which are the nearest thing to an official set of rules for cribbage.

Cribbage pairs

2 points are scored for a pair in cribbage, and 6 for a pair royal - that is, three cards of the same rank. This can be considered as 3 different pairs worth 2 points each. Similarly, double pair royal (four of a kind) scores 12 as there are 6 ways of picking two cards from four. You begin to see why mathematicians love this game.

Combinations of cards making 15 score two points each - for example, 8 and 7. As many ways as you can make 15 with your cards, you score 2 points for each of them. For example, 8-7-7-A can make 15 three ways: the 8 and one 7, the 8 and the other 7, and the 7-7-A. Consequently it scores 6 points (for 15s, and a further 2 for the pair of 7s).

Cribbage runs

Runs score as many points as there are cards in them. For example, a four-card run 9-T-J-Q scores 4.

Cribbage nobs

You also score 1 point if you have the Jack of the same suit as the starter card (known as 'his nob' or just 'nobs').

Cribbage scoring chart

You can print out this cribbage scoring chart and keep it handy when you're playing!

Score Value Comment
15 2 -
Pair 2 -
Pair royal 6 Three of a kind
Double pair royal 12 Four of a kind
Run 1 per card Runs need not be in numerical order (eg 3-5-6-4) but they must be consecutive (3-4-4-5 does not score).
Go 1 The go is scored by the last player to lay a card.
31 2 The 2 points for 31 includes a go (by definition no-one can go when the total is 31). So no extra point is scored for the go.
Nobs 1 "One for his nob" is scored if you hold the Jack of the turn-up suit.

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Maybe and No

Only the dealer gets the 2 points for the jack being cut as the starter card, so if you are the dealer, then yes, take them. No, you cannot take more than one go, if you continue to lay down cards after your pone says 'go'. You can continue to score runs and pairs though. Hope that helps.

Nibs & Go

Hi Danke,
1) His Heels (nibs): Jack, when it is the starter card, counts two points for the dealer (
2) In the case of "go" you score one point played for the hand, not for each card card played thereafter. So if you have three cards after the "go" and play each sequentially you will collect your one point at the end of play ( not including any points accumulated during your card counting to 31). The way I always looked at this was you get one point for having the last card.
Hope this helps!

Help counting points.

My husband had 3 threes. 3 of diamond, 3 of spades and 3 of heart.
A 9 of heart was the card up.
I said he had he 10 points.
He said he had more than 10 points because he kept switching the 3 cards.
He counted the 3 of spades with the 3 of hearts, and the 3 of hearts with the 3 of diamond and the 3 of hearts with the of spades. this did not make sense to me.
Which one of us is right?

Actually that is 12 points

Hubby was right. There are 3 sets of 15(D-H, H-S, S-D) and three of a kind is worth 6. Score that as 12 points.

12 point hand (assuming that

12 point hand (assuming that the other card in the hand does not score). Since 9+6 makes 15, you have to look at all possible combinations in the hand that add up to 6. In this case there are three possible combinations: 3D3S, 3D3H, 3S3H. Each combination when added to 9 gives 15. Three fifteens, each for two points, makes 6 points.

The other points come from the pairs, which follows the same sort of logic as before. This gives three pairs each for two points giving 6 additional points for a total of twelve.

straight flush

8,9,10, j, in hand all spades
turn up is q of spades
Score of 11?


That is correct you would score 11. Run of 5 pts, flush of 5 pts and the Jack of the correct suit for one pt.

Who gets the "go" point

Here is the scenario: I am the pone and I have J825 my opponent has JQKK and both hands are played in that order. When I have no cards left, and he has two kings left and the count is 15, he lays a king (25) and then says go and scores a point, then lays his other king for the last card point. My question is should he get the point for the go thats between the two kings or should I?

Why would you get a point?

Why would you get a go point? He played a King and no one else could play, correct? Go, one point. Then next round he plays a King and no one else can play? Go, one point.

Cribbage counting

My wife had a 5 card flush which included a "J" . DOes it count 5 or 6?

scoring points

while playing score is 28,I play ace score 29, opponent plays ace score 30 for 2 points, I plays ace score 31, is this for 8 points or is proper scoring 6 points for aces plus 2 points for 31. I know it scores the same 8 points but for proper scoring its is considered 2 separate plays isn't it.

Runs in pegging

Please advise in 4 handed game the following points pegged

Lead with a 8 then a further 8 is played (16 for 2) the a 7 (23 for 0) then a 6 is played for 29, can the player who played the 6 take three for the run and a possible one for a go or can they claim 5 points and also the possible go ie takes the original pair (8s) and the run or just the run.

Many thanks


They get the run for 3 points and a Go (assuming no other cards can be played). They did not complete a pair when they played the 6, so that pair is already scored and cannot be re scored.

Need help

So me and wife are playing she had 3 3s and a 7 cut card was a 2 how many points is the hand

12 points

15 2, 4, 6, three of a kind makes 12. Twelve points.


10, 7, 7, ace, 5 top card. What is the score in cribbage

Help please.... How is the

Help please.... How is the following scored with regards to the run please?
First card down was a 7, then a 6 was played, followed by a 8 which gave 3 points for the run, then the next card played was a 6... So is that now still in the run giving 4 points or did the 6 stop the run. Please help

Help please.... How is the

Help please.... How is the following scored with regards to the run please?
First card down was a 7, then a 6 was played, followed by a 8 which gave 3 points for the run, then the next card played was a 6... So is that now still in the run giving 4 points or did the 6 stop the run. Please help

Stops the run


The next 6 card being played would stop the run. The 3 cards played then are 6, 8, 6 which is not a run. In your scenario only a 5, 7, or 9 could continue the 7, 6, 8 run. Anything except for 5, 7, 9 would stop the run from continuing. Keep pegging!


do you play with flushes?


Yes there are plenty of comments on here about flushes

Go Conundrum

I desperately need a ruling.

We repeatedly run into heated debate at hunting camp regarding “the play” as it relates to playing cards up against a “go”.

Here is the situation:
1. The play commences and the pone plays a face card say a KING.
2. The dealer returns play with a Jack. (count=20)
3. The Pone returns play with an “10” (count=30)
4. The dealer calls “go” and the pone pegs (1) point
5. The pone plays an ace to score 31 and takes an additional point.

The play resumes
1. The dealer plays a King.
2. The pone plays his last card, a Queen (count =20)
3. The dealer plays a 10 (count=30).
Now here is where the beer starts talking, and cribbage boards get destroyed.

The pone is out of cards and never had to say “go”. The dealer has just played a card but has not been given a “go” to proceed playing his last card as the pone has no cards and is thus not inclined to say go as he considers his play is over. The dealer has (1) remaining card (a 2 card) but the play is stalled since the pone will not give a “go”. The pone considers that since he is out of cards, the requisite to call “go” if you can’t make it under 31 is moot. Does the dealer continue counting regardless of being given a “go” under the above situation?

Let's talk 31

First of all, the first part of the play was incorrect. When the dealer calls Go, the remaining players are REQUIRED to play all cards up to and including cards to 31. The pone does not peg one, but pegs 2 when they play their ace to 31....After that the dealer (in the continuation) does not have to wait for a player to say Go. The rules say that a Go point is awarded if no remaining players have cards or have cards that can be played below 31. The dealer would automatically get the Go point without pone declaring Go. There is no requirement for a player to say Go if they have no cards. The pone is correct. He does not have to say Go, and the dealer is allowed to take their one point for the last card (a Go). Hope that helps.


If I have a hand of 4, 5's and a 4. what would the value be

20 hand

All hands with four 5's without a 10-card attached are worth 20 points. Four combinations of 15 and 12 points for the quads.

What happens when you lay a 3

What happens when you lay a 3 the the dealer lay a 3 then I lay a 3 the he lay a 4 then I lay a 4 can he lay a 2 for a triple run of 3?


So if your question looks like this: 3,3,3,4,4,2...There are no runs in this sequence. There are if you are counting your hand, but not while you are pegging. Hope that helps. Your question was a little unclear.

I have this arguement with my

I have this arguement with my husband .... counting runs while making 31 ..I played a 3 my husband followed with an 8 which I played a 3 for "15" then he played a 2 and called it a run of 3 .... I dissagree and he says it's right .... Which one is?????

Neither of you are right

When you ask questions, please give us the entire scenario. 3, 8, 3 does not equal 15. I'm not sure how he then lays a 2 down and thinks that it is a run. Runs are 3 or more sequential cards that DO NOT have to be in order, but THEY MUST be unbroken. 6, 8, 5, 7 is a run of four. 6, 8, 5, 6, 8 is nothing. Please see for extensive rules.


I was wondering what happens when somebody renags do they lose points


Renegging is a penalty of 2 points for each card you COULD have played, plus forfeit of any points you were ABLE to score while pegging using the cards you should have played. for more info


So if you are playing with three people when counting if someone doesnt count a run who does it go to.for the other two players.

Missing Runs

If someone misses scoring a run, it doesn't "go" to anyone. They just missed it. If the next player can continue the run of either 3 or 4, then they can take it, but you don't get to claim someone else's points unless you are playing muggins.

And if you are playing

And if you are playing muggins, the player who first called out the missed points gets the points.

Run of four

If you have 10-J-Q-K, can you score it as two runs of three for 6 pts? I.e. 10-J-Q for 3 and J-Q-K for 3


No. You must take the largest possible run once. That example is a run of 4.

If a 5 is played then a 10 15

If a 5 is played then a 10 15 for two then a 5 is played is it 20 for two


We do not give points for getting to 20. Only 15 and you did not have a pair.


If you have played all your cards but your opponent still has cards do you get to go?


Where would you like to go?

Jack in a 5 card flush

I was told that if I have a 5 card flush with a jack I
can only score 5 points, the jack in this case does not count for the extra point.

is this correct ??

Jack in a 5 card flush

I was told that if I have a 5 card flush with a jack I
can only score 5 points, the jack in this case does not count for the extra point.

is this correct ??

It depends

Is the jack in your hand or is it the cut card? if it is in your hand then you would score 6. 5 points for the flush and one point for nobs for the jack being the same suit as the cut card (or starter card)

Proper way to score this hand

During a cribbage game, my wife played her second to last card a 4, I then played my last card a 5 and she then played her last card a 6 which made 15. Does she get the 3 points for a 3 card run, the 2 for making 15 and 1 for a go which makes the total points on the last card played 6, is this correct? Thanks


That is correct, she gets a total of 6 points exactly as you described.

Only if the total points

Only if the total points since the last go was 15 would you score 15 for 2.


Pretty sure that's what they were asking

Pegging after th deal in a pairs game

Paying a game of pairs tonight, and I laid the first card an 8. Next player lays a 4, my partner lays a 5, dealer lays a 3 for 3 points, I lay a 2 for 4 points, next player lays an ace for 5 points and heres where we got a bit lost. My partner lays another 5 and calls 5 points. Was he correct or not?

Runs Again

Please look to this site and may others regarding runs. Runs in cribbage can be in any order, but they MUST have a run for the cards you are taking. Here is your game 8, 4, 5, 3, 2, A, 5. So since a new 5 is being played is A, 2, 3, 5 a run? No it is not. So no run for the last 5.


Can you get a flush from pegging? And if so can you get a 4 card flush from pegging. I want to be prepared for the future.