Cribbage rules - Muggins

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The optional 'Muggins' rule allows your opponent to claim points which you fail to score in your own hand or play, or forget to peg on the board. While this certainly forces you to pay attention to the play and count your hand carefully, there are arguments against it: claiming a Muggin tends to slow down play, as you tend to count everything twice for fear of missing points. It also seems rather unfair to make you pay a double penalty (not only do you not get the points, your opponent gets them) for what is after all a simple mistake, not bad play. This is especially discouraging for beginners, who ironically are most likely to lose points this way. Muggins is usually played in tournaments, serious club play and between old friends who enjoy arguments.

By contrast, if you fail to play a card when you can, your opponent scores points for a renege.

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