Cribbage on android

For those of you that don't go for fruit based computing (mine started and ended with apricot :-) there are a few nice cribbage applications for the Android platform.

I've recently tried a couple on my Xperia X10 and so far am loving "Cribbage pro!" Which you should be able to find on the android market with no probs. Supports 3 levels of computer opponnent and multiplayer play.

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Re: cribbage on Android

Hi Richard,

Thanks - actually we haven't forgotten Android, there's a special page for Android cribbage software here: Android cribbage apps - featuring a full review of Cribbage Pro and screenshots.

Hope you like it!

cribbage pro

I've been playing cribbage for over 30 years. This is the most unrealistic game out there.Computer gets the perfect cut. Example 10,10,Q, Q and J cut. Average points off cut no cribb cut 42 to my 17. Similar hands dealt like 3,4,5,6 to 3,4,5,7 happen at least once per game. 3-4 times per game computer gets 4-14, 6-16, 2-10 especially when computer is behind. In a ten game span computer got four 28 hands. It's nothing for computer to get 3 flushes in a game. Never double up computer chances are you'll get tripled up on. Never lay down for a run of three because computer will have run for four and if you lay down for a run of five computer will have run for six. Many times I'll have a. Pair in my hand ( let say 10's ) computer leads a 10 I double only to be tripled. Can't count how many times this happens. In one game computer got a 20, 21 and 24 hand. Four games after that computer got three more 20+ hands. Overall this game is a joke.