Cribbage for 4:

I'm playing in an informal tournament with partners. Can't seem to find any tips for playing cribbage for 4. It's quite a different game! Could anybody provide some links for tips?



I'm not familiar with any resources for doubles (partners) cribbage. Pegging becomes much more important and long runs can be played.

Cribbage Rules (4 Players)

I don't have any links to provide for you but I can tell you how my family (avid cribbage players)and I play the 4 player variation.

For starters, you must be sitting diagonal from your partner. In other words, each player will always be playing into an opponents hand.

Once seated diagonal from your respective partners. Shuffle, one player from each partnership cuts to see who starts the deal. Once deal is established, 5 cards will be given to each player. Each player then chooses one card to throw to the dealers crib. The cut is done buy the opponent on the dealers right.

All point scoring during play is exactly like standard cribbage rules.

Once the play rounds are finished the player after the dealer counts their hand first, then the count continues with each player clockwise. The dealer scores their hand and crib last.

I hope this helps... Feel free to let me know if we have been playing this wrong.

Sounds right

Bardoo, sounds like you play it correctly! Look into playing some at a local club which you can find at

4 player's speed crib

I used to play.teams were deal 10 cards to two players then pick best hands for you and your partner then throw 2 cards to the crib game is quick and fun game over in 5 deals . Anyone hear of this we called it Canadian crib


Scottie that sure sounds like a fun and fascinating game. There are so many variations of cribbage that players can play. Low Ball, with Jokers, etc. There was a fun one that I just learned that has 6 players in it. No teams, and everyone gets 5 cards except the dealer and the next dealer (person to his/her left). Those with 5 cards discard one into the crib and then you play like normal with a normal rotation. I have never heard of the 10 card variation, but we like to kid our Canadian friends that they always cheat at cribbage anyway (because they are so good)! Keep pegging!

Four handed gribbage

When you cut for first deal if you win can you electe you partner to take the first deal ?


Winner of the deal deals. They don't get to designate who will deal.