Can a player whose turn it is to deal, surrender,because of the score being so much of a lost cause, so that he can be first to deal in the next contest?

It depends

In competitive cribbage you can only do this when you are on the playoffs and the score differential does not matter. You CANNOT do this in the qualifying rounds because a: you are only playing one game against that person and two: the point differential matters. When you are comparing players or a group of players, the point differential can be a tie breaker. First you look at game points (0 for loss, 2 for win and 3 for skunk), then total games won (out of 9 or 22) then the score differential of pluses and minus. For instance a scorecard in cribbage might look like this 13/6 +52. That means that the player won 6 games, one of them was a skunk and they're plus points for the night were added and subtracted up to be +52. Compare that to another player who has a 13/6 +50 and the +52 is a higher position than the other player due to the point differential. In playoffs (best of 3/5 or 2/3 etc) point differentials do not matter and loser deals, so yes you can forfeit the remainder of the game and move onto the next game if you so desire. Hope that makes sense.