Crib board where a skunk pops up???

Hi all...

My wife swears that as a child she or actually a family friend had a crib board where a skunk would pop up if your opponent got skunked. I have casually searched Ebay and such for several years and have never seen one...has anyone else?

My mother in law says she had

My mother in law says she had one when she was little. Any luck finding one?

Pop up skunk

I've not heard of one. Sounds like maybe it was human activated, as the board would have no way of knowing where your pegs were or were not. Would be kind of neat to see though. Good luck in your search!

Cribbage skunk

It's possible with metal pegs,metal foil, battery and wire

Just run a strip of foil from point-1 to point-90 and as the players peg is holding down the foil and the opponents 121 hole is triggered by pushing down the foil to complete the circuit it triggered the skunk to kick out by use of a protruding pressure solinoid

My parents have one. It is

My parents have one. It is very old. I was searching for another. There is something internal that triggers the skunk to pop out the end when you place your peg in hole for winning score and opponents pegs are not past skunk line. There is a different skunk for each player.


Any way you could post some pictures of it? I'd especially like to see any moving parts if possible.

pop out skunk

How do I post a pic or little video? I am at my mom's and have taken some poor ones.

I cannot take it apart without my mother killing me. :) the best I can tell, there is a wooden strip under the peg scoring holes between the skunk line and the finish line. If the player doesn't have a peg in this area, the skunk will pop out when the winner pushes their peg down in the last hole. It is extremely old and was given to my grandfather as a gift from a vendor. It does not operate smoothly anymore.