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  • Cribbage rules   4 years 9 weeks ago

    The crib has to be the same suit as the up turned card (on top of the deck) in order to get points for a flush of 5.
    In Example: Jack of diamonds is up card and you have 4 spades in the crib (2,3,4,6, all you will score is 15 two (J+2+3) and 15 four (6+4+3+2=15) then there is a run of three (2,3,4) all this equals is 7. NOW if all cards are diamond then that 7 turns into 12. confused? CRIBBAGE is a great game!!!

  • Cribbage flush   4 years 9 weeks ago

    what are the odds of getting, as dealer, 2 flushes in the same deal (1 in hand (4 cards flush) and 1 in kitty (5 cards flush),

    just curios


  • scoring runs during play?   4 years 9 weeks ago

    I had a dispute with a friend about this. We were in the pegging phase, and we had reached the 20 point mark, and he laid a 3, i laid down a 2, he laid down a Ace for three points (i had a ten, so i couldnt go), but then he laid another three and claimed it was another run of three points, for 2,1,3 even though he just got a run for 3,2,1? Was he right? Because we had a huge debate over this.

  • Out of order runs   4 years 10 weeks ago


    Your opponent cannot lay down another 6. You know why? Because it would bring the count above 31, which they cannot do. But....having said that, I think I get your point and the answer is yes. If you pair a card, then that completely stops the run sequence and it HAS to be restarted. for instance look at this.

    A, 2, 3, A, A, 3, 2, 4.

    Now the third Ace placed STOPPED the run from continuing, BUT the run started all over again when the second two (and also a 15-2) was played and the then when the final 4 was played that also completed a run, but it had NOTHING to do with the first run in the sequence.

  • "corners" on the cribbage board   4 years 10 weeks ago

    Tomasso is incorrect. Please do not refer to his post as you "re-learn" cribbage. Of course people get points for a Go. It happens every second of every day. They do NOT get points for "last card". The 'last card' played is simply a Go since no other player can play another card getting you closer to 31. If you understand that, you are half way there. If Tomasso's rules were in effect, you would only get one point for the entire pegging sequence. Please be careful about who you listen to rules by and if EVER in doubt, please refer to the authorized cribbage rules located at There are so many variations and "kitchen" cribbage rules and a lot of people post on this site who have NEVER played competitive cribbage or in organized cribbage. They are regurgitating what their grandmother told them 67 years ago, and she learned if from her grandmother. There are actual rules out there folks. Please learn then and use them. Just like there are a million poker rules, there are a million cribbage rules. But there is only one set for each when you are talking about official rules.

  • How many 24 hands are there?   4 years 10 weeks ago

    Any three cards that equal 15, like 771 or 663 and if you have quads you will have 24. If it takes 4 cards then you will have 20 if you have quads. 99996 etc.

  • Cribbage rules - the scoring   4 years 10 weeks ago

    Well lets see, the four does not help your hand at all, and you started with six points (do you know where they are?), so you probably ended up with? Go ahead make a guess....

  • Counting   4 years 10 weeks ago

    Tammy if you read any of the sections above your post you should know the answer.

  • Counting   4 years 10 weeks ago

    Incorrect. BUZZZZZZZZ. Try again and this time don't count the 2 pts for cutting the jack. That is NOT part of scoring your hand.

  • New to Cribbage   4 years 10 weeks ago

    Fifteen for 6 points and a run for 3=9 points total

  • "corners" on the cribbage board   4 years 10 weeks ago

    Thank you Kevin. Between you and Tommaso, I think I am at peace now. I was taught that if you hit 31 in the middle of battle, you got 2 points, and new battle ensued. But when I got a go, and I had to play any remaining playable cards, I would only get 1 point for my 31, (but full points for any pairs or runs I made with those reamain cards I had to play). I played incorrectly for while (where I got the go point plus 2 for a 31), so once I was corrected, it drove me nuts every time. But now I see, from your comments, there never was 2 points for a 31. If you hit 31, you got the go and 1 bonus point on the spot, just no one said 'go'. I personally think it would be better if the 31 was worth 2 and you could get 3 points for go/31. Once I was corrected, I had to rethink my battle strategy. Forcing opponents to give me a go and then getting the 31 was worth it to me to get 3 points. But now that it is only worth 2 points (per the rules), it's often not worth it beause my opponent has multiple cards left to play by himself which are often pairs or 15's. So, now I have to be careful NOT to be able to get a 31 if I get a go.

  • Flush Woes   4 years 10 weeks ago

    I think it's unfortunate that you cannot score a flush while pegging. It would give you one more thing to think about during the battle; just makes it more interesting. I think anything you can score in your hand you should be able to score in a battle. But who am I? Still an awesome game.

  • Flush Woes   4 years 10 weeks ago

    I had my first crib flush this year, and it is the only crib flush I have ever seen (with all 5 cards). And I've played way more 700 hands.

  • Zero-scoring cribbage hand   4 years 10 weeks ago

    according to wikipedia, the chance of getting a 0 hand and crib combo is 0.62 percent

  • Counting   4 years 10 weeks ago

    12 for the 6 pairs and 8 for the 4x15s is 20

  • Cribbage rules - the scoring   4 years 10 weeks ago

    I've searched everywhere for an answer to this question to no avail.....!

    When the last card of the hand is played and totals '15', is that worth 2 points or 3?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Five player cribbage   4 years 11 weeks ago

    Have not seen how this is done. Can not see how, as you need 4 cards in the crib and the cut up card. With 5 how would you accomplish that unless there is a rule change. Change might be each player takes a turn and throws his discard away, back into the deck example or ???

  • Crib board where a skunk pops up???   4 years 11 weeks ago

    Hi There

    So not a figment of my imagination!
    My grandparents in Quebec had one and the last time I saw it was in 1977! It was quite old then. My grandfather had two boards and the "skunk" one was his favourite. As described above there was a lever that caused the skunk to pop out. I don't remember more than one skunk. And I seem to remember that board as a two track but I could be wrong there. I would LOVE to find another. The home and all its contents sold in 1977.

  • Winner deals?   4 years 11 weeks ago

    Actually the rules of cribbage do decide this. Please refer to Rule 1.5. The Loser of the game deals the next game. Not the winner and not alternating. The winner getting to deal the next game is a terribly significant advantage from between 5-20% or more depending on the skill of the player. (Average about 10%)

  • Cribbage rules - the scoring   4 years 11 weeks ago

    When playing out the hand a three card run is made ending in 31.Is the score for the play
    5 (three for the run plus two for 31) or just 2 for achieving 31

  • Drilling a Board   4 years 11 weeks ago

    Don't drill your board directly. Drill through a piece of scrap clamped to the board. You can drill through the same hole by moving the scrap piece. In fact, you can position your holes precisely by making a template from some scrap and drilling through the template.
    Start by drilling two holes through a piece of scrap. This will be your 2-hole template. Then use this to make a 5-hole template with equidistant holes. Drill the first hole in the 5-hole template, then place a peg through 2-hole template into the new hole and drill through the other hole of the 2-hole template. Move the 2-hole template along until you have a 5-hole template.
    Now you can drill your final board with precisely spaced sets of 5 holes.

  • Counting   4 years 11 weeks ago

    your score is 20. You can make 8 points with the 15's + 12 points for the 4 queens.

  • impossible scores   4 years 11 weeks ago

    sorry to say but you missed some cannot get 19 !

  • impossible scores   4 years 11 weeks ago

    Why are people claiming to have a hand of 19 - IT'S IMPOSSIBLE !!!

  • Counting   4 years 11 weeks ago

    Hi Tammy. The queens, one at a time, taken with the 5 create four 15's (8 points).

    The four queens make 6 pairs ("double pair royal") for 12 points.

    Total count = 20 points.