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  • Stinkhole   51 weeks 2 days ago

    Yes you can go out on a Go or even a cut of a Jack. These are the most intense games and often lead to drinking and a lot of whining...and some winning. Happy pegging!

  • Scoring   51 weeks 2 days ago

    15-6 and a triple run of 15 for 21.

  • Your 29 hand stories   51 weeks 2 days ago

    What a great story. 29 hands are rare indeed. Some people will never see them in their lifetime. Keep cribbage alive and teach a younger person. Also join a club. See for more info.

  • 2 Cards Left   51 weeks 2 days ago

    Also Robert should have gotten his pair that he played, so he would have pegged 3. Nancy also gets to peg 3, for making 15 exactly and one for the Go. If it had equaled 14, she would have only gotten a Go. (card played last closest to 31). Remember that landing on 31 exactly is still only 2 points and includes a Go and a bonus for landing on 31. That's why you get 2 points!

  • Cribbage rules   51 weeks 2 days ago

    The turn of any action for any player is when the player takes his finger off of the peg and/or card. Until that point, they can adjust their score. Once the finger comes off, they can no longer adjust their score, unless they have over-scored at which point, they need to move backwards to what their proper score should have been and the pone gets to take the amount of over-score. Under scores are not treated this way unless you are playing Muggins.

  • Cribbage Master of the High Sierras   51 weeks 2 days ago

    I have never heard of this. I would caution anyone clicking on any links relating to this post. This could be a link to spam or virus. CMOTH + cribbage does not reveal any hits on Google. It is unlikely that this truly exists as I spent 30 years in Northern California and have never heard of this. Anyone wanting to learn about cribbage tournaments, they can be found at

  • Scoring   51 weeks 2 days ago

    7,7,7,8,9, is 15-6 plus a triple run of 15 for a total of 21. (9 for the runs and 6 for 3 pairs) If you are scoring higher than that, someone is counting runs too many times.

  • More important: Wins or Points?   51 weeks 2 days ago

    Wins are always more important. But skunks are valued more. Points are only used for tie-breakers. In tournament play, you would receive 2 points for a win and 3 for a skunk and zero for a loss. Lets say that you and your friend score it this way and you both end up with 14 points. Say that one of you had 7 wins worth 2 points each and another had 6 wins 4 of which were regular wins and two were skunks! Which one is better? The one with the more wins. The first tie-breaker is always total wins and then it moves to points after that. Often you will see a scorecard kept like this: 14/7 +103. That means 14 points-7 wins +103 spread points. Spread points can be + - or even zero. Highest in the win column wins, unless a tie, then go to total games, then to spread points only if still tied. Hope that helps.

  • holing a ard by accident   51 weeks 2 days ago

    I believe your question relates to what is called renegging or renege. A renege is a failure to play a card that could have been played. A player may correct a "go" call before either player pegs a point or before the opponent plays a card. Thereafter, when a renege card is played, the opponent may claim a renege up to the time he or she plays the next card or announces the count of his or her hand. Judges shall be summoned. Any cards played after the renege occurs or the pegging of a "go" shall be retrieved by both players, and any points pegged (or scored) are retracted. The non-offending player receives two points for each card that singly could have been played (judges confirm number of cards). The nonoffending player decides if the reneged card(s) will be dead or played. Play continues, and all cards in both hands and crib are counted. For example, if the count is 25 and a player whose turn it is holds A, 5, and 6 and does not play any of the three cards and says "go," that is a "triple regnege," and the opponent gets six points (two for each card). Hope that helps!

  • Cribbage rules - the play   51 weeks 2 days ago

    This topic is covered extensively below. There are two distinct scoring phases in cribbage. The play and the show. There are NO double and triple runs in the play, only in the show. I do not know what you mean you played the last 4 and first with the 6. You would have to show me the entire sequence, but regardless, you can only score pairs, runs and 15's in the play. There are no flushes and there are no double or triple anything. Hope that helps. for more info.

  • Cribbage rules - the scoring   51 weeks 2 days ago

    When you ask questions, please give us the entire scenario. 3, 8, 3 does not equal 15. I'm not sure how he then lays a 2 down and thinks that it is a run. Runs are 3 or more sequential cards that DO NOT have to be in order, but THEY MUST be unbroken. 6, 8, 5, 7 is a run of four. 6, 8, 5, 6, 8 is nothing. Please see for extensive rules.

  • Cribbage rules - the scoring   51 weeks 2 days ago

    So if your question looks like this: 3,3,3,4,4,2...There are no runs in this sequence. There are if you are counting your hand, but not while you are pegging. Hope that helps. Your question was a little unclear.

  • Cribbage rules   51 weeks 5 days ago

    Hi there!

    Hope you can help end a dispute between my husband and I... the out come of tonight's game depends on it! When counting one's hand, when does the turn officially end? If a person has counted, moved their peg completely, and then see two more points that the other person had not called, can they then call those points even though they have finished moving their peg? Thanks for your help!

  • Scoring   1 year 1 day ago

    I had 7 7 7 8 9...the 8 was turned up. I counted 15-6 plus 24 for 3 runs. My husband said 15-6 plus two runs and three of a kind for 28. who is right?

  • Cribbage Master of the High Sierras   1 year 2 days ago

    I heard this year's CMOTHS is in May. Has anyone gotten an official invite? Rumors are the official site moved to

  • Your 29 hand stories   1 year 2 days ago

    I loved playing this game with my dad, he taught me all about it. One day, shortly after teaching the notorious 29 point hand, I got it. It was the first time my dad had ever seen it, the first time I ever got it. It was awesome, my dad still beat me, but it was more that cool to share that moment with him.

  • impossible scores   1 year 5 days ago

    The 3 5's also make 15 therefore the hand is 21 not 19

  • Cribbage rules - the play   1 year 6 days ago

    Playing 2 hand crib, the sequence went 6 6 5 5 4. I played that last 4 and went first with the 6. Are there no double triple run scoring during the pegging. Or whatever this part of the game is called?

  • Scoring   1 year 1 week ago

    8 8 8 6 and a 7 cut

  • Stinkhole   1 year 2 weeks ago

    What if both players reach the sinkhole and still have one card each in their hand. Can you win on a "GO" or "Last Card"?

  • Cribbage rules - the scoring   1 year 2 weeks ago

    I have this arguement with my husband .... counting runs while making 31 ..I played a 3 my husband followed with an 8 which I played a 3 for "15" then he played a 2 and called it a run of 3 .... I dissagree and he says it's right .... Which one is?????

  • Cribbage rules - the scoring   1 year 2 weeks ago

    What happens when you lay a 3 the the dealer lay a 3 then I lay a 3 the he lay a 4 then I lay a 4 can he lay a 2 for a triple run of 3?

  • Cribbage rules - the scoring   1 year 3 weeks ago

    Not sure what the question is Sharon 4, 4, 4, 5, 6? That is worth 21, but you may have been asking about another hand. Not sure.

  • Scoring a 29 hand   1 year 3 weeks ago


    You are correct that the TOTAL points scored by the dealer would be 30, but that is not the score for the hand. The two points for heels is taken when the jack is turned up. Immediately. Then there is pegging (the play) then scoring of the hands (the show). If you want to take the jack for the dealer on a 29 hand, then why do you not also want to take any pegging points that you may have gotten? The answer: Because it is not part of the show when you count the hand. When you count your hand you only have 28 points. You don't move your pegs 30 points down the board, only 28. If you move 30 then you have over-pegged and it is a penalty. The Jack for 2 points MUST be taken before pegging begins or any other action by the dealer. If he/she does not take them then, they cannot take them later on. Hope that helps. for rules.

  • Cribbage rules - the play   1 year 3 weeks ago

    Even if you do not play that way, that is allowed and in the rules of cribbage. A, 2, 3, A. The second ace is another distinct run of 3 points.