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  • tournament play   43 weeks 2 days ago

    I have no idea what the question is here. Bridge does not play pre-determined hands...except in the newspaper. Cribbage is not Bridge in any way except that cards are used. Aside from that, the games could not be more different. Bridge is a trick game, like spades, hearts and pinochle. Cribbage is not.

  • Please count my hand   43 weeks 2 days ago

    Looks like 24 from here. 6 combinations of 15 and quads of 12 for 24.

  • Scoring   44 weeks 1 day ago

    sorry, didn't finish what I was saying.

    there are four sets of fifteen for two.

    2+2+2+9 = 15

    set of four is 12 points

    8 + 12 is 20 points

  • Scoring   44 weeks 1 day ago

    20 points

    the 2's are calculated at 8 points
    hearts, clubs, diamonds
    hearts, club, spades
    clubs, diamonds, spades
    hearts, diamonds, spades

  • Five player cribbage   45 weeks 1 day ago

    Couldn't 5 handed be played with each giving one card to the crib and the person to the left of the dealer shuffling the 5 cards in the crib and the dealer choosing one of those five cards (face-down of course) as the turn-up card? After all, the cards dealt out have been shuffled and are random in any event.

    Just asking ....


  • "Strategy Crib" board   45 weeks 3 days ago

    Does anyone have a strategy crib boards for sale or know where I can buy any?

  • Please count my hand   45 weeks 4 days ago

    I had 4 - 4's & a 7 turned up. How many points shall I peg?

  • Scoring   45 weeks 4 days ago

    it's 20
    you have 4x15 so that's 8 points, then 12 for the 2's making 20

  • Scoring   45 weeks 4 days ago

    It's 21.

    8&7 is 15 = 2 points - you have this 3 times so 6 points for 15's
    then 3x8's = 6 points, so that's 12 points so far
    then you have a run of 6,7&8 for 3 points and you have this 3 times, so that's 9 points
    bringing your total to 21

  • Looking for players in Central London   45 weeks 4 days ago


    I have seen posts about people wanting to play crib and asking about leagues etc. I run the Wood Green & District Cribbage League and we play matches every Monday evening around the Wood Green, Tottenham and Edmonton areas.

    We desperately need new players to join our existing teams but also whole new teams to join the league.

    If anyone is interested, or would like more information, please contact us via our website at


  • Scoring   45 weeks 5 days ago

    I count 20:
    *Four 15s for 8 [nCr(4,3) = 4 ways of making 6 to pair with the 9]
    *Four of a kind for 12 [nCr(4,2) = 6 pairs]

  • Cribbage online - free!   46 weeks 6 hours ago

    You should try cribbage tournaments at It's fun and lots of people participate

  • Odds of a 29 hand in cribbage   46 weeks 22 hours ago

    According to the rules you must leave at least 4 cards on the top of the deck or 4 cards on the bottom when you cut. You cannot cut the cares leaving 2 cards on the top of the deck. That is not a proper cut.

  • Scoring   46 weeks 22 hours ago

    You are correct. A 9 with four deuces is 20. Look at it this way (just using the suits of the 2's) black/black/diamond, black/black/heart, red/red/spade, red/red/club. That is 8 fifteens + the quads of 12 for 20. Very nice and very rare.

  • Scoring   46 weeks 1 day ago

    20 is correct. Four combinations of 2's for 15 and 12 for
    4 of a kind.

  • Cribbage online - free!   46 weeks 5 days ago

    I am playing at because there is always someone in the world available to play. Play is smooth and quick and you can play from any device (Android, iPhone, Windows, Mac....)

  • Scoring   47 weeks 5 days ago

    I had a 9 plus 2,2,2 and a 2 turned up. What is the score?
    My friend says 18 and I say 20.

  • Cribbage rules   48 weeks 2 days ago

    Paul, Your description is accurate for Muggins. What I was referring to was taking too many points. That is not Muggins (scoring un-scored points), but someone who either 1. incorrectly over-scores their hand, or 2. Scores the hand correctly vocally, but they moves the peg(s) too many holes. Both of these are violations that require the violator to move their peg back to the correct hole and then the other player moves how many the over-score was. If my hand is 10 points, but I move my pegs 12 points, I have to move back to the 10 point and my opponent takes 2 points. That is not Muggins. That is just the rules and it can be enforced or not depending on the skill level of the players.

  • Facts about cribbage   48 weeks 6 days ago

    it's 24!

  • Odds of a 29 hand in cribbage   49 weeks 22 hours ago

    The calculation is correct. It's the comment at the bottom under the title "How many possible ways are there of making a 29 hand in cribbage?" that doesn't make sense.

  • Free cribbage board templates   50 weeks 8 hours ago

    If you play in the ACC (American Cribbage Congress) grass roots league, the hand is recognized even if you can't count it.

  • Cribbage rules - the play   51 weeks 1 day ago

    I'm afraid only two points are scored for each pair. Runs must be continuous and unbroken.

  • Cribbage rules   51 weeks 2 days ago

    We called this "Muggins" where I grew up learning to play. Simply, if you miss points when counting, your opponent has the ability to call you out on those missed points and claim them as their own. Counting order of the hand, after playing the hand, is important in this regard (at least as we play it). The person first dealt to counts first. Muggins must be declared after they have declared their hand's score and moved their peg, and cannot be claimed once the next hand is counted. For instance, in a two player game, if I'm the dealer, my opponent counts their hand first. Once they count their hand and move their peg, it's up to me to catch any unclaimed points BEFORE I elect to count and peg my hand. They get a window to claim Muggins on my hand count after I've pegged, but must claim it before I count and peg my crib, and also get an opportunity to claim Muggins if I miscount/peg my crib. I've found that helping people learn to count is far more enjoyable than screwing them out of points by claiming Muggins, but that's just my style... Hope this makes sense!

  • Stinkhole   51 weeks 2 days ago


  • Cribbage online - free!   51 weeks 2 days ago

    You can also play for money at: