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  • impossible scores   38 weeks 5 days ago

    I think your missing a 15 for two thats a 21 point hand

  • impossible scores   38 weeks 5 days ago

    I think your missing a 15 for two thats a 21 point hand

  • impossible scores   38 weeks 6 days ago

    Again this is only 21 points. Any combination of three 5's and two different face cards is ALWAYS 20 points. If you also add in the correct jack, it would then be 21 points. If the face cards are the same (say two Kings) then it would be 22 points and lastly if a 5 is cut and you are holding two Jacks and one is the correct suit, then it is 23 points. It will NEVER EVER be 25 points. Ever. Not in a million years. If you have arrived at 25 points, or 19 or 26 or 27, start over. You have not added correctly.

  • Cribbage rules - example hands   38 weeks 6 days ago

    Is going to always be 13 points (assuming no 15's are involved). You get 12 points for the quads and one for having the correctly suited Jack.

  • Scoring a 29 hand   38 weeks 6 days ago

    Four 5's makes four distinct combinations of 15. Each one is worth two points. Look at the colors instead of the numbers. (Red, Red, Black) =1 (red, red, black) =2 (black, black, red) =3, (black, black, red) =4. All of that is equal to 8 points and then add 12 points for the 6 distinct pairs you have and you have 20 points.

  • Zero-scoring cribbage hand   38 weeks 6 days ago

    You do not have "Runs of 6's" you have pairs of sixes. Since 4-of-a-kind is really just 6 sets of pairs, score each pair worth two points. It is really as simple as that. Ignore the numerical value of the cards for a second because it applies to all cards when you are counting pairs. Look at the suits and then count your pairs. Clubs-Heart (1) Clubs-Spades (2) Clubs-Diamonds (3) Hearts-Spades (4) Hearts-Diamonds (5) Spades-Diamonds (6). That is all the possible pairs you can make without duplicating or repeating yourself. Since there are six pairs and each pair is worth two points all 4-of-a-kind are worth 6x2=12 points.

  • Cribbage rules - the play   38 weeks 6 days ago

    Playing the last card always gets you at least one point because your opponent cannot play anymore. That means a Go. A Go means one point unless you hit 31 exactly where you essentially get a Go plus a bonus point.

  • Pairs and triples   38 weeks 6 days ago

    Assuming that we are only dealing with the 3 remaining fives, you would play one to 26 for two points and the last five to 31 for a total of 8 points. (6 for the 3-of-a-kind and two for 31 exactly.) This works with any combination of cards, not just 5's.

  • Cribbage rules   38 weeks 6 days ago

    If your statement was about making an error, you don't 'lose' the deal and the crib. (Example would be exposing a card while dealing, dealing too many/few cards etc.) The cards are then reshuffled and re-dealt at that point.

  • "Strategy Crib" board   38 weeks 6 days ago

    David, that was not the question. Not sure who 'we' are.

  • Scoring a 29 hand   39 weeks 1 day ago

    The 4th way is Heart, Diamond, Spade. I hope this help you

  • Cribbage rules - the play   40 weeks 16 hours ago

    My opponent had one 5 in his hand, I had 2, they were the last 3 cards between us pegging. I lay down 1st, he pairs for 2. When I lay down the last 5, it ended on 15. Do I get a point for last card for a total of 9 or does ending on a 15, count the same as a 31 where last card doesn't get an extra point?

  • impossible scores   40 weeks 1 day ago

    There are actually 7 15s, which makes 14 pts., plus 3 of a kind for 6 pts., and the matching jack for 1 pt. That makes the hand worth 21.

  • Scoring a hand   40 weeks 5 days ago

    I see 15 for 2 and a double-double run for 16. 18 total. Hope that helps.

  • Zero-scoring cribbage hand   41 weeks 3 days ago

    You cant have three runs of six as you would be using the same pair twice, any 4 cards of the same face value score 12, with the exception of 5's as they have the 15 factor added for 8 + 12 = 20.

    6D, 6H, 6S, 6C, SO 6D+6H=2, 6D+6S=2, 6D+6C=2 -6PTS-- 6D is now redundant as has been used with other 3

    6H, 6S, 6C, are left, SO NOW 6H+6S=2, 6H+6C=2 -4PTS- 6H is now redundant as has been used with other 3, was used with 6D above

    6S AND 6C are now the only two cards not used together, they are the final pair for 2 pts, add in the 6 original points plus the 4 from above gives a total of 12, all cards have now been paired and cannot be used together again. Try this with any 4 cards of the same face value, place them down and take one card pair with the others and remove when you used it once with all other cards.

    If you want a real challenge, try holding 4 sixes and assuming a nine turns up, then assume a 3 turns up, these are two hands where people miss the points

    Have fun Stuart :)

  • Scoring a 29 hand   41 weeks 5 days ago

    four fives make how many 15 's ?

  • Cribbage rules - example hands   43 weeks 6 days ago

    tonight playing cribbage I was dealt 4 jacks, and the 4 of hearts turned up. What is my correct count: 24 points for 4 jacks and 1 point for the jack of hearts. or
    12 points for 4 jacks and 1 point for the jack of hearts.

  • impossible scores   44 weeks 16 hours ago

    Read above, that hand is a variation of previous ones, and worth 21 (20 without the jack's bonus point). Plus, you're necro-posting.

  • impossible scores   44 weeks 3 days ago

    3 5's and a jack of diamond. Flop card is a king of diamonds

  • impossible scores   44 weeks 4 days ago

    K 5 = 2
    K 5 = 2
    K 5 = 2
    J 5 = 2
    J 5 = 2
    J 5 = 2
    5 5 5 = 2
    5 5 = 2
    5 5 = 2
    5 5 = 2
    Jack = 1
    Total: 21

  • Zero-scoring cribbage hand   44 weeks 6 days ago

    Your friends are right it's 12 points. If you had 3 4s & a 4 turns up it's 12 points, so if you have 4 of a kind it's 12 points

  • Scoring a hand   45 weeks 21 hours ago

    you have one 15 for two points & a double, double run which counts 16.
    Your total points for the hand is 18

  • impossible scores   45 weeks 1 day ago

    What is 5 plus 5 plus 5? Yours is a 21 point hand.

  • Question?   45 weeks 2 days ago

    Every player you ask might discard this hand differently. It depends on your board position, and whether it is your crib. Most people would probably discard 3/6 and keep 10 points in their hand.

  • Cribbage rule   45 weeks 2 days ago

    Are worth 2 points if the starter card to the dealer only