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  • Die in the hole when pegging   42 weeks 4 days ago

    There are a million house rules out there for cribbage. That is why the ACC and American Cribbage Congress standardized cribbage rules for competitive. You can view those rules at You can make up whatever rules you want. just don't think that they are in any way official rules of cribbage.

  • cribbage   42 weeks 4 days ago

    In competitive cribbage you can only do this when you are on the playoffs and the score differential does not matter. You CANNOT do this in the qualifying rounds because a: you are only playing one game against that person and two: the point differential matters. When you are comparing players or a group of players, the point differential can be a tie breaker. First you look at game points (0 for loss, 2 for win and 3 for skunk), then total games won (out of 9 or 22) then the score differential of pluses and minus. For instance a scorecard in cribbage might look like this 13/6 +52. That means that the player won 6 games, one of them was a skunk and they're plus points for the night were added and subtracted up to be +52. Compare that to another player who has a 13/6 +50 and the +52 is a higher position than the other player due to the point differential. In playoffs (best of 3/5 or 2/3 etc) point differentials do not matter and loser deals, so yes you can forfeit the remainder of the game and move onto the next game if you so desire. Hope that makes sense.

  • scoring runs during play?   42 weeks 4 days ago

    This is not poker, they are not straights, but the answer to your questions is yes. Runs of ANY connected sequence of cards in ANY order, that have not been broken score one point for each card in the run/sequence.

  • Cribbage rules - the scoring   42 weeks 6 days ago

    Will someone please tell me what the count is on this hand:
    7 7 7 8 turn up card is an ace. I believe it is 12

  • Five player cribbage   42 weeks 6 days ago

    The way we did it was that the first 4 players dealt to would get 5 cards and the 5th player dealt to would only get 4 cards. Makes it tough to be that 5th player but I guess you could deal each player 5 cards and the 5th player just discards to the deck instead of the crib.

  • scoring runs during play?   43 weeks 3 days ago

    If he lays 3 I lay 5 he lays 7 and takes two for the 15 then I lay a 6 for 21 and get three points for the straight is he aloud to lay another 5 and take three more points?

  • scoring question   43 weeks 5 days ago

    explain the count of hand 5,5,J,J and N
    Is the UP card also a Jack?

  • impossible scores   44 weeks 5 hours ago

    Triple 5s scores another 15 for 2. His score was 21, not 19.

  • Playing 4th ace for 31   44 weeks 5 days ago

    Rare but happens every day.

  • "corners" on the cribbage board   44 weeks 5 days ago

    Rarely would you ever stop short of pegging to 31 for 2 pts vs taking only 1 pt for a go. Not sure actually when that would ever happen.

  • scoring runs during play?   44 weeks 5 days ago

    We had this run going.

    3 ( Player-1)
    4 ( Player-2)
    5 (3 points for Player-1)
    6 (4 points for Player-2)
    7 (5 more points for Player-1)
    2 ( Player 2 says run for 6)
    "Go" ( Player 1)
    A ( Player 2 says now a run for 7) plus the go for 8

    So does Player 2 get both of those last two runs and the go for 15 more points. Or do you only count the run for 7 and go for 8 points??

  • Jack in crib   44 weeks 5 days ago

    Yes, his nobs counts a point in the crib. This is why people are reluctant to discard a jack to the opponent's crib!

    Here's an easy rule to remember: The ONLY difference between scoring the crib and the hand is in the flush rule. Only a 5-flush counts in the crib, while the hand can have a 4- or a 5-flush. Everything else is the same.

  • Die in the hole when pegging   44 weeks 5 days ago

    I would consider that you got the 2 points by playing the card. THEN it's your wife's turn and her "Go" call depends on her cards, so this would be separate.

    Then again, who am I to adjucate on house rules...?

  • New to Cribbage   44 weeks 5 days ago

    9+6 = 15 for 2
    10+5 = 15 for 2
    4+5+6 = 15 for 2
    4,5,6 = Run of three for 3

    Total = 9

  • scoring runs during play?   44 weeks 5 days ago

    Points (if any) are scored every time a card has been played.

    After Player 2 has played the 2, she gets 6 points.

    Then she plays the ace, and gets another 7 plus 1 for the Go. Total = 14!

  • scoring runs during play?   44 weeks 5 days ago

    Your friend was correct.

    When he played the ace the last three cards were 3-2-A, and that is a 3-run.

    You said Go, he plays a three. The last three cards that were played are 2-A-3 and that is another 3-run.

    He also gets 1 for the Go, for a total of 3+3+1 = 7.

  • Crib board where a skunk pops up???   44 weeks 5 days ago

    Good luck! I will watch for you on shark tank! And I will definitely buy one!

  • "corners" on the cribbage board   44 weeks 5 days ago

    You are welcome and thanks for the kind comment.

  • Counting   45 weeks 6 days ago


    Four fifteens. 8 points
    Four queens. 12 points

  • Counting   45 weeks 6 days ago


    Four fifteens. 8 points
    Four queens. 12 points

  • scoring question   46 weeks 2 days ago

    I had a hand with four fives in it and the turned up card (starter card) was a ten.... How much is it worth? I added it up to 28 points. By the way I had the same hand twice in the last 2 months!

  • scoring runs during play?   46 weeks 3 days ago

    The play:
    Player 1 plays first:

    putting down a 6 then player Player 2 plays a 3... then eventually we get 6,3,7,4,5. Player 1 gets 5 points for a run putting the 5 down. Player 2 plays a 2..... 6,3,7,4,5,2 which would be a run for 6 points. Then Player 1 says "go" being 27 total and he can't play his last card but then Player 2 can still go and puts down an Ace... 6,3,7,4,5,2,Ace which continues the run for 7 points.

    So does Player 2 get 14 points for the run of 6 plus the player 1 saying go and playing another card to make it a run of 7 after the go and getting a point for go. 6+7+1?

    Or is it only 8 since the Player 1 said go and you would only count the seven card run and the go. 7+1.

  • Looking for players in Central London   46 weeks 5 days ago

    The web address in my original comment is now obsolete.
    The new website for the Wood Green & District Cribbage League can be found at

  • Wood Green and District Cribbage League   46 weeks 5 days ago

    The website address quoted in my original post is now obsolete.

    The new website for the Wood Green & District Cribbage League is at



  • Cribbage etiquette   46 weeks 6 days ago

    6-7-4-5 is a run in cribbagecribbage runs