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  • "corners" on the cribbage board   8 years 16 weeks ago

    The basic cribbage board consists of four parallel rows of thirty holes with two "storage" holes to hold the pegs before play begins. Two rows are on one side of the board and two on the other, each player owning one pair of tracks.

    The standard game consists of one hundred twenty one points which are marked by each player advancing his scoring pegs up the outer of his two tracks as he pegs in play and scores his hand or crib. When the score reaches thirty the player's peg is at the top of the column. The next point scored moves the peg to the inside track and progresses downward from there. Between hole thirty and thirty one the player "turns a corner".

    In some games, especially if a wager is involved, a bonus might be offered for the first player to reach a corner, thus the option to count them.

    A corner also defines the "street" or column being travelled. For instance, the first thirty points is referred to "First Street" and after turning the corner the player is said to be on "Second Street" and so forth unto Fourth Street and "Out."

  • scoring runs during play?   8 years 18 weeks ago

    Yes, it does - and if someone else was to play a 4 giving 5-6-3-4 they would score another 4 points.

  • scoring runs during play?   8 years 18 weeks ago

    3-4-5-6 = 4pts

    if a player adds a 3 for a 4-5-6-3 does this count as another run of 4?

  • Uneven number of teams in a tournament   8 years 18 weeks ago


    We've got a page on tournament rules here: Cribbage tournaments

    In a round-robin tournament, each team would play every other, so it doesn't matter if there's an odd number. In an elimination tournament (which it sounds like yours is) a team with no opponent is usually awarded a bye (a free pass to the next round, so the equivalent of a winning score - usually 2 points).

    I hope this helps!

  • Cribbage board   8 years 18 weeks ago

    Custom Cribbage Boards are made from wood and quality-made and very affordable for the holidays.

  • experience?   8 years 18 weeks ago

    I have played on there but not for a while. There's a full review on the Online Cribbage page, though I'm not sure that'll help you much!

    If you're a beginning player, check out the strategy guide for some useful tips.

  • scoring runs during play?   8 years 20 weeks ago

    Don't worry, you're not the only one to be confused! I get a lot of emails asking about how to score runs and pairs in Cribbage.

    I suggest remembering the following simple rule:

    The player who completes a run scores the number of cards in that run

    So in your first example, the 3-2-A run was already completed before the opponent played the Ace, so the Ace doesn't complete a new run, so it only scores for the pair.

    In the second example, 3-3-2-A, the Ace completes a run of 3, so scores 3. A further Ace doesn't complete any runs, so it doesn't score.


  • scoring 15-2   8 years 43 weeks ago

    You are correct.

    Although you can score in the play from pairs or runs regardless of the count, you can ONLY score 15-2 if you make the total count 15. You cannot score just for playing a card which makes 15 when added to the previous card.

  • Cribbage web sites   9 years 9 weeks ago

    Design your own custom cribbage board.

  • Scoring a run in the play   9 years 11 weeks ago

    Actually, this answer is slightly incorrect. Player 2 does NOT get a point for go at the time that Player 1 announces the go. Player 2 must play out the remaining playable cards (in this case, both of his remaining cards) before taking a point for the go. He does get the 3 peg points for the run of 3 (A-2-3) and 4 more points for the run of 4 (A-2-3-4) and THEN he gets 1 point for last card. He earns a total of 8 points in pegging this hand.

  • scoring   9 years 17 weeks ago


    During the play, you can only score 'fifteen-two' once - when you make the total 15. If you make the total 31, you can score another two points. Although you can count runs (eg 4-5-6) during the play, combinations of cards making 15 don't count for anything, unless they make the total 15.

    They do count during the scoring phase of course. I hope this helps!

  • "Go" rule   9 years 28 weeks ago

    Better phrasing is that Player A shouldn't take his point until after he plays his ace. Because if he had a deuce left over, he would not get 1 for the go and then 2 for the 31, just the 2 for the 31.

  • "Go" rule   9 years 29 weeks ago


    The answer to Question 1 is yes. You score a point for go when your opponent cannot play without going over 31.

    What happens next is that Player A plays as many cards as he can without going over 31. No more points are scored (unless there are any runs, pairs, etc).

    Question 2 does not apply, as Player A should not call 'go' when he is done. A new count is started instead. Player A plays his Jack and scores a point for last.

  • impossible scores   9 years 35 weeks ago

    Yes, 25, 26 and 27 are all impossible cribbage scores, along with 19!

    It might be interesting to try and prove it though!

  • Mucking crib   9 years 36 weeks ago

    I'd say that all cards should be shown at the scoring stage. For one thing, there might be muggins points to claim!

  • Scoring a run in the play   9 years 37 weeks ago

    Here's another twist on this, from Gmommy7702:

    We are having a problem understanding a play, first a 3 was played and then a 2 and then a 1 then the next person played a 2 and was told that they earned another 3 points.

    could you please let me know what the rules say about this play?

    I find it helpful to think about it the way it's phrased above:

    Each card played scores points for any run it completes

    In other words, if it doesn't complete a run of 3 or more cards, it doesn't score. The sequence 3-2-1 is a run, so the player playing the 1 pegged 3 points. The player who played the 2 after that did not complete a run (the 3-2-1 run had already been completed and scored) so should not have pegged any points.

  • Cribbage web sites   9 years 38 weeks ago

    Check out - pretty sweet crib online game!

  • How to score two 8's, two 6's and an Ace?   9 years 40 weeks ago

    First count the 15s. There are 4 ways of making 15 by choosing 8-6-A from the hand, making 8 points.

    Then you have two pairs, for 4 points. A grand total of 12!

  • Does anyone still play cribbage?   9 years 45 weeks ago

    I certainly play cribbage a lot! My husband and I are keen players and we often meet up with friends for a game or two. My kids like to play cards also, I would certainly rather they are doing something interactive, than watching TV.