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  • Cribbage squares   8 years 24 weeks ago

    Dorcas asks:

    I was wondering what the perfect layout is in cribbage squares to get the highest score. my highest to date is 115. thanks for your help

  • impossible scores   8 years 24 weeks ago

    I do not agree you have 15 -12 with the jack and king. the three fives make another 15 so it is 15 -14 and the three fives make 6 for 20 points. I'll take your 1 point you missed

  • Cribbage online - free!   8 years 25 weeks ago

    I still cant figure out what I must do to get the game on my computer, and my wife cant either can you pleasr show us how to do that , Thank you Jim Connors E-Mail address Please reply

  • Penalty for (repeated) misdealing   8 years 26 weeks ago

    ACC Tournament rules as quoted say that you _must_ redeal if too many cards were dealt and and they have been viewed. In fact, it's often required that you prove that you do have too many cards by laying them down to let the other play count how many cards there are. This is to avoid the case where a player will state that they have too many cards, throw them on the discard pile for a redeal, but in reality they were just trying to get new cards from a fair deal. This does happen in tournament play.

    That whole section of ACC rules as quoted above is the main reason people bring their rulebooks to tournaments. There's a large table there with all of the conditions of too many and too few cards dealt to the hand and/or the crib, and what to do about each case. It's probably the stickiest part of the rules.


  • impossible scores   8 years 27 weeks ago

    Quite right! I guess three fives make 15...

    Good to know people are paying attention.

  • impossible scores   8 years 27 weeks ago

    Actually, the correct score is 20. 15-14 and 6 for the pairs.

  • Android cribbage apps   8 years 27 weeks ago


    Thanks for the reply, VERY exciting to hear you are nearing completion on Android. I'll definitely be looking into it as well as your future plans to pull in (hopefully) iPhone users.


  • Android cribbage apps   8 years 27 weeks ago

    Jim, thanks for your suggestion. We have actually been developing our multiplayer for Cribbage Pro on Android phones for a while now and it is getting very close to completing testing and feature build-out. Our team has actually been playing games fairly regularly on it without any issues, so it should be soon.

    Following that for the Android phones, we do have other plans for other devices as well, but more on that front will come later.

    Thanks again,
    Fuller Systems Inc.

  • Android cribbage apps   8 years 27 weeks ago

    I would love to see multiplayer ala

    I recently was turned on to and am playing with my droid against other droid friends and iPhone friends in addition to being able to play online. The online/browser component is not a necessity to me, although being able to play online via javascript would allow multiplayer w/o having to write 2 apps.

    Either way, multiplayer across cell phones is COMPLETELY addicting!

    Please consider this feature.


  • impossible scores   8 years 28 weeks ago

    Actually, your hand scores 15-12 and 6 for the pairs, making 18 in total.

    If you think about it, 15s can never make an odd score as they are worth 2 points each.

  • Cribbage rules - the discard   8 years 28 weeks ago

    You are quite right - that was a mistake, and should have read "Following the cut...". The discard comes first because part of the strategy in discarding is working out what the turn-up card is likely to be, and keeping cards accordingly.

  • Cribbage rules - the discard   8 years 28 weeks ago

    You start this page with "Following the turn-up, each player throws away two cards..." However, the next page says "The game then begins with the dealer turning up the top card..." So, which comes first, the discard or the turn-up?

  • impossible scores   8 years 28 weeks ago

    you are dealt;

    Jack Clubs
    King Hearts
    Five Diamonds
    Five Hearts

    and the cut is;

    Five Spades.

    15's = 13 points
    pairs = 6 points

    Total 19 points. Simples.

  • The 29 hand in cribbage   8 years 28 weeks ago

    If you do a google search for the odds of getting a 29 hand you will see that in a 2 player game the odds are 1 in 216,580. The odds of getting a 29 in a 3 or 4 player (or six player for that matter) is 1 in 649,740. Congratulations on acheiving it!! I just got one myself while playing partners in a league I was in at the Elk's lodge. The gentleman who runs the league said it was the first one he had ever seen and he has run the league for like 60 years. I am happy with that distinction.

    Keep pegging,


  • Cribbage rules - the go   8 years 28 weeks ago

    See the Stinkhole page for rules about scoring in the stink hole.

  • Cribbage rules - the play   8 years 28 weeks ago

    How do you score the following sequence made in play? A 7 was played first followed by a 9 and then a 8 to make a sequence of three for 3 points. Here is the questions: My playing partner then played a 7. Is this another sequence of three for 3 points and 2 points for 31?

  • Cribbage rules - the go   8 years 31 weeks ago

    So when my peg ends up in the 120 position, do I need ago to finish and last card is not a go or I cannot finnish on a go? ( I need points such as a pair to cross over?)

  • The 29 hand in cribbage   8 years 31 weeks ago

    On 3/10/2010 I was playing with 6-players,2-3 man teams.They deal 5-cards
    to each team member and 4-cards to apposing team.The extra card for crib comes
    from top of deck.They delt me 555J and the cut was 5 in the suit of my jack!
    My question is what are the odds of this perfect hand?

  • Cribbage rules - the scoring   8 years 31 weeks ago
  • Cribbage rules - the scoring   8 years 32 weeks ago

    now when playing and counting your score and if u have a j,q,k,a in the run do u have 3 points, or do you have 4 point? The way i was taught was No Around the world sequience. How is the offecal sequience laid

  • Century cribbage board   8 years 32 weeks ago

    Hi, for the life of me I can not find any info on this. We have a, "Century continuous track cribbage" (121 holes)board by ARE JAY GAME CO. INC., Cleveland Ohio Made in USA.

    JW emailed to say:

    I have recently photoed and included images of the box and rules/directions for the Are-Jay Game Co.'s Century #715 Continuous Track Cribbage 2,3,4,6 Player Board. My grandmother purchased hers at Hudson's in Detroit, Michigan, where she worked as an employee, at a marked down price of $6.00, sometime prior to 1990.

    Here is JW's photo of the board:

    He also kindly photographed the playing rules (click on the picture to see the full size version):

  • Cribbage rules - the scoring   8 years 32 weeks ago

    In this example, wouldn't the total pegging points be 14 since 31 was reached?

    The score wase 22. The last cards played were a 5 & 6 and that was a Go. The opponent played a 4 for 3 points, played a 3 for 4 points, then played a 2 for 5 points and reached 31 for 2 points (includes the 1 point for the Go).

  • Cribbage rules   8 years 32 weeks ago

    Assuming that these were the first 3 cards played - you score "15-2" for making the running total 15, not for any combination of cards which make 15. And another 3 for the run, making 5 points total.

  • Cribbage rules   8 years 32 weeks ago

    You get four points: two for the pair, and two for 31 (which includes go; clearly your opponent can't play another card without going over 31).

  • Cribbage rules   8 years 32 weeks ago

    The following cards were played in order:
    4 - 6 - 5. Obviously this addes up to 15, but there is also a run here. As this happens during play, do I peg 2 points (2 for 15), 3 points (for the run), or 5 points (a total of both scores)?