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  • Cribbage tournament rules   31 weeks 6 days ago

    A player must always vocally. Calling out each score helps the opponent understand the points.
    For the second question, we cribbage players count 15's first. Try it in a game and you will realize how backwards it will feel.

  • Cribbage rules - the go   31 weeks 6 days ago

    yes - you must play if you can, but can choose what order if there are multiple cards in your hand to be played.

  • scoring runs during play?   32 weeks 1 day ago

    Opponent scores 2 points of pairing your 4. You then score 6 points for a triple of three 4s. If you opponent then lays the fourth 4 he scores 12 points !!!

  • scoring runs during play?   32 weeks 1 day ago

    Oh yes indeedy. By adding a 5 you have a run of four (6-3-4-5). Simple rule is just look at the cards that have gone before and see if there is any run. For this example, the cards you could lay next to make a run are 6 (run of four), 7 (run of five) and a 2 (also a run of five). Played the other day and the runs kept flowing as cards being laid were aces, twos, threes, fours so there were a few runs being made before we hit 31 !!! Lots of pegging - great fun !

  • Pairs and triples   32 weeks 1 day ago

    If, like you say, he has laid his last card (a Five) and you have two fives left, you peg like this.

    You pair his five, making the total 26. You peg 2 for the pair.
    Your opponent obviously cant go so you lay your second five, calling 31 and scoring 8 points for this card (6 for the triple and 2 for scoring 31). In total, you have pegged 10 pegs since he laid his final five

  • impossible scores   32 weeks 2 days ago

    Once again a score of 21 - seven 15s (14), three 5s (6) and one for his nob. 14 + 6 + 1 = 21. No idea where the extra 4 came from!

  • Pairs and triples   33 weeks 9 hours ago

    The first 5 give you a pair, for 2
    The second 5 gives you a triple for 6 plus 1 for 2 more, totalling 8.

  • Scoring a hand   33 weeks 1 day ago

    what is the score if you have a 10, j, and 2 q's with q turned up

  • Double and triple runs   33 weeks 3 days ago

    What if you have a double double run. Such as 4,4,5,5,6

  • scoring runs during play?   33 weeks 6 days ago

    opponent plays a 5
    i play a 2
    opponent plays a 3
    i play a 4 (for 4 points)
    opponent says "go"
    I play a 5 - does this get me another run of 3 plus the "go"

  • impossible scores   34 weeks 1 hour ago

    No it is 21. You missed the three 5's equalling another 2 points

  • impossible scores   34 weeks 1 hour ago

    no it would be 21.

    5+4+3+3 = 15 (using the two three's on the left) = 2
    5+4+3+3 = 15 (using the two threes on the right) = 2
    5+4+3+3 = 15 (using the three on each end) = 2

    Plus 3 runs of 3 = 9

    Plus three pairs of threes = 6

    2+2+2+2+9+6 = 21 not 19

  • Cribbage rules - the scoring   34 weeks 2 days ago

    If you have 10-J-Q-K, can you score it as two runs of three for 6 pts? I.e. 10-J-Q for 3 and J-Q-K for 3

  • Pairs and triples   34 weeks 5 days ago

    26- pair for two on the first 5
    31- triple for six, 31 for 8 on the second 5.

  • Cribbage rules   34 weeks 6 days ago

    if there is a count in the crib of 31 do you get two points?

  • Scoring a 29 hand   35 weeks 2 days ago


  • Scoring a 29 hand   35 weeks 4 days ago

    The easiest way to think about this is that if you are going to pick 3 of the fives, you will always be leaving one out. So the number of ways to choose 3 fives is the same as the number of ways to pick which 5 you are going to leave out. You can leave out the D, the S, the C or the H. Four ways to pick the card to leave out means four ways to pick 3 of the fives.

  • Cribbage rules - the scoring   35 weeks 6 days ago

    So if you are playing with three people when counting if someone doesnt count a run who does it go to.for the other two players.

  • 500 Cribbage   36 weeks 3 days ago

    My brother has a 500 style board and original rules book given to my parents by Thomas Stauff and his wife Alma. They were family friends of Mom and Dad when they were first married and living in Minneapolis circa 1948-50 while my Dad attended Dunwoody Institute. I remember my Mom telling me about their friends, the Stauffs when she taught me how to play cribbage which would have been about 1961. I was not taught the 500 method at that time probably because learning the classic game was challenging enough for a 6 year old but I do remember her showing me the board and rule book. I believe they were neighbors and I seem to remember her telling me it was a 4 plex or duplex they shared with the Stauffs in the 2200 block of Garfield ave. so. I am going through a box of old family pics, clippings, and just read a postcard from Alma Stauff to my parents who had then moved back to our hometown of Tracy, Mn. postmarked 2/6/52 informing them of Thomas's death. I looked at the address of 2213 Garfield ave. on google street view and it doesn't appear that building is still there. I will be looking for a Coles directory from that era to confirm my assumptions
    . I thought you'd enjoy hearing from someone with a connection. Sincerly, Lee

  • impossible scores   36 weeks 5 days ago

    I was dealt J hearts, J clubs, 10 hearts, 9 hearts and 5 hearts was cut I counted it several times it comes out to 19 points 8 for double run 6 for 15s 4 for hearts and 1 for nobs = 19

  • Pairs and triples   37 weeks 2 days ago

    In answer to this question: My opponent played his last card a five to add up to 21. I had two cards left, both fives. How does that peg?

    Play your first five for 26, take 2 for the pair. Play your second five for 31, take 6 for the pair royal + 2 for 31.

  • Cribbage rules - the scoring   38 weeks 4 days ago

    Tell me how you got 22 with a 5 & 6 played?

  • Cribbage rules - the play   38 weeks 4 days ago


    Since the play always ends at either 31 or as close as you can get to it...if played that way....5,5, get 6 for the triplets, 2 for the 15 and 1 for the go for 9 total.

    Good question!

  • Scoring a 29 hand   38 weeks 5 days ago

    As you probably know, Cribbage is a game of combinations, where each combination that amounts to 15 is counted as a totally separate and thus different and unique hand as long as you have changed at least one card from the previous combination that added up to fifteen.
    So to count your hands consistently and reliably, you must find a way to add up your different combinations using a consistent method.
    I usualy lay the cards out next to each other on the table, allowing me more easily to visualize the difference in the combinations that add up to 15.; the first 5 combining with the second and third is fifteen for 2 points, the first 5 combined with the 2nd and fourth 5 is fifteen for 4, and the 1st 5 plus the 3rd and 4th equals fifteen for 6 point. Since you've used the first 5 in the row in combination with all of the other 5's now, you can't use it any longer. So the second 5 now combines with 3rd and 4th 5's, for 2 points more, so total of fifteen's is 8 points. Hope that is understandable.

  • Cribbage rules - the play   38 weeks 5 days ago

    Yes, you score 9 points. Hitting 31 scores you 2 points and last card of game always scores a point. So last card played on 31 would be 3 points.