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  • The 29 hand in cribbage   8 years 3 days ago

    My daughter got s 29 hand in 3 hand crib. Since you are only dealt 5 cards the probability would be even less than 2 hand crib. Can your actuary calculate the odds?

  • Cribbage online - free!   8 years 4 days ago


    I'm pretty sure that allows you to play against a specific player - Yahoo! Cribbage certainly does. Just create a table and invite your wife to join it.

  • Cribbage online - free!   8 years 5 days ago

    My wife and I begin each day with a cup of coffee and a few games of cribbage. I have a long Business trip coming. Where, online, can we meet and play against one another to start our day? We are both Mac users.
    Thank you for any information on this. I have checked the software section and it does mention locations online to play against others; but can one choose in specific (ie. my wife) whom one wishes to play?

  • Cribbage rules - the discard   8 years 5 days ago

    In three, four, or more-handed cribbage, pone is the player to the dealer's left (and pone makes the cut).

  • Cribbage rules - the go   8 years 5 days ago


    You are absolutely right - my mistake. I thought the question was how many points would you peg for playing the final ace - but along the way you should have pegged two points for the pair, before playing the third ace for a further 8 points.

  • Cribbage rules - the go   8 years 5 days ago

    I thought that would be 10 points.
    if the board looks like this:
    ***A for 29
    ***AA for 30 --- 2 points for the pair.
    ***AAA for 31 --- 6 points for the royal pair and 2 for 31
    Total of 10 unanswered points?

  • Cribbage rules - the discard   8 years 6 days ago

    Who gets the cut in three or four handed Cribbage? Is it the person in front of the dealer or the person behind?

  • Cribbage rules   8 years 1 week ago

    I should have added the actual 29 hand.

    5h, 5d, 5c, Js with the 5 of spades being the turn card.

  • Cribbage rules   8 years 1 week ago

    2-2-8-3 = 15 for 2
    2-3-K = 15 for 4
    2-3-K = 15 for 6
    and the pair of 2's for 8 points

  • Cribbage rules   8 years 1 week ago

    This hand (4h, 4d, 5h, 6h, 6d) is 24.

    The 15's are as follows:
    For 8 points.
    Then the double-double counts as 16 for 24 total.

  • Cribbage rules - the play   8 years 1 week ago

    opponent started with a 3, i threw a 4, they a 5 for 3 points, i a 6 for 4 point, they a ace for =15 for 7 points, i a 6 for 6 points and then they a 3 for 4 points. This isn't right is it. The 3 breaks the run , right?

  • A question about specific hand during the count in a four player game.   8 years 1 week ago


    You don't score double runs in the play. An easy way to remember it is that you score points for any run which your card completes. In other words, if it doesn't complete a run, it doesn't score. The second 5 above doesn't complete a run (the first 5 did that), so it only scores for a pair and 31: four points altogether.

  • A question about specific hand during the count in a four player game.   8 years 1 week ago


  • Learning how to play Cribbage since I got a board for xmas have a Question.   8 years 1 week ago


    Congratulations on your new cribbage board! I'm sure you'll have a lot of fun with it.

    There are a few things about cribbage which can seem a little confusing at first, until you've played through a few games and it becomes familiar. To answer your question, no, the starter card does not count towards the running total. The sequence goes like this:

    1. The deal
    2. Each player discards to the crib
    3. Turn over the starter card
    4. The non-dealer plays the first card and starts the count from zero.

    I hope this helps! Don't forget to have a look through the Forum as there are many other questions and answers which you may find useful.

  • Counting your hand question   8 years 1 week ago


    I hope you're having a lot of fun learning cribbage! It can be a little confusing at first but you'll soon find it very easy.

    In some card games you keep the cards in your hand, in others you play out all your cards one by one. Cribbage is a little unusual in that you do both: each player lays their cards down one by one, but then when you are both out of cards, you gather them up again and count the score in your hand.

    A common way to do this is for each player to play her card in front of herself, so that she can easily gather them up again at the end without getting mixed up with her opponent's cards.

    Note that you keep a running count until you reach 31 (or neither can play without going over 31); at this point, if either of you still has cards in your hand, the count resets to zero, and you continue until all cards are played. Only then do you score the hand.

    If you look at this page there is an example sequence of play which will demonstrate this:

  • Cribbage rules - the go   8 years 2 weeks ago

    You peg 6 points for the three aces, and another 2 for 31, so that's 8 points in total.

  • Cribbage rules - the go   8 years 2 weeks ago

    I receive a "GO" from the other player at 29 after I just played an ace. I have 2 aces remaining and I play each one sequentially, ultimately reaching 31. How many total points can I peg? Is it 8 points or 10 points?

  • Cribbage etiquette   8 years 2 weeks ago

    Dear Doris, I'm looking for a baseball cribbage board. My nephew and I love to play cribbage and he is also a baseball player. It would be a perfect gift for him! Any help would be appreciated!

    Many thanks,

  • Cribbage rules   8 years 2 weeks ago

    please count this hand I received cribbage rules with a new board and they say this hand can count up to 29! Here is the hand 4 4 5 6 6

  • Cribbage rules   8 years 3 weeks ago

    2-2-8-3 and K as the turn-up card

  • Lowball cribbage   8 years 3 weeks ago

    Hi everyone, Lowball is a blast, you can play it at, just select Cribbage Variations / Lowball.
    We also have lowball tournaments at least once a week!


  • Lowball cribbage   8 years 3 weeks ago

    I really wish we would have more side events in the ACC tournaments in lowball. I would argue there is more skill to a lowball game than there is to a straight cribbage game, even moreso when you consider that you're often playing twice as many hands in a lowball game than you are in a regular game of cribbage.

  • Android cribbage apps   8 years 4 weeks ago

    Hey Josh,

    No, it's quite OK to post that, and thanks for letting us know! Maybe some of our Android users will review the game and post comments here. I can't test it out myself but I look forward to hearing the results!

  • Android cribbage apps   8 years 4 weeks ago

    First, if this post is not appropriate here, please let me know and/or remove it and I fully understand.

    Seeing your post, I wanted to let you know that we (Fuller Systems) have recently published a new Cribbage game to the Android Market - "Cribbage Pro". We have tried to address the deficiencies we have seen in other cribbage games, and think you will find this version to be much improved. Also, we are still in beta and building out new features so please send us feedback on anything and everything!

    To download Cribbage Pro for the Android, visit our web site and click the link to the market if you are browsing on your phone, otherwise search for us in the market for "Cribbage Pro".


  • Counting Cards - new Player   8 years 4 weeks ago

    Thank you. I see what I did wrong now.