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  • Cribbage rules - the go   7 years 12 weeks ago

    the forth card of the same number scores 12 (six pairs)

  • Cribbage tables for sale   7 years 12 weeks ago
  • Cribbage rules - the go   7 years 12 weeks ago

    How many points do you get for 4 of the same while pegging. One person puts a 4, the next person puts a 4 for 2, the first person puts another 4 for 6, and if another 4 is put down, is it 8?

  • Cribbage rules - the scoring   7 years 12 weeks ago

    That's what I get.

    8-3-4 = 15 for 2
    8-A-2-4 = 15 for 2
    A-2-3-4 = run of 4
    Five diamonds = 5

  • Cribbage rules - the scoring   7 years 12 weeks ago

    In my hand I have A, 2, 3, 4 of diamonds.... Cut is 8 of diamonds.... does the run and flush each get counted? I counted 13... (A, 2, 4, 8 for 15-2; 3,4 8, for 15-4; run for 4, flush for 5 = 13)checked it with a family member, and my oponent thought it was 13 as well.

    Thanks :)

  • Cribbage rules - the go   7 years 13 weeks ago

    I think I figured this out from other posts on the site, but I want to double check? I am dealer and have T,T,9,8 my opponent has K,Q,Q,A. The play goes K,T,Q. I say "go" and my opponent plays their A and pegs 2 points for 31. (They are left with one Q and I still have T,9,8.) The next play, which starts with me, goes T,Q,9. The total is at 29 and my opponent has no more cards and I still hold an 8. Do I get one point for my opponent's "go" at 29 and then start the next play with the 8 and get one more point for "last card"?

  • Looking for travel cribbage set   7 years 13 weeks ago

    A true Cribbage set includes SIX (6) pegs, 3 of each color. When you play, you "jump" your leading peg by the amount of your score. That way, you never forget your starting point and there are no disputes about the count.

    The third peg is used to keep track of the games won in a third set of holes.

  • Cribbage rules - the play   7 years 13 weeks ago

    so the play went like this: 4,7,5,3,6. This 5 points? Does the run have to be in order? Wasn't sure. Thanks.

  • Cribbage rules - the play   7 years 13 weeks ago

    I came upon a run that I had never encountered before. During play it went:4,7,5,3,6. This is counted as 5 points right? It doesn't matter what order it is in or does it? Also, the person that I was playing with today got a perfect hand! I had never seen that before! Anyway, thanks!

  • Free online Cribbage Game   7 years 13 weeks ago

    I think cribbage is a great game

  • Cribbage rules   7 years 14 weeks ago

    Three 3 cards and a 9 are 12 points without counting the cut card: fifteens for 6 points and three of a kind (three pairs) for a total of 12 points.

  • Penalties in cribbage   7 years 14 weeks ago

    Not confirming the wrong number of cards dealt
    Penalty: 10 points backwards

    If someone is dealt the wrong number of cards, there is a redeal. The player receiving the wrong number of cards must allow the dealer to confirm the number of cards in the hand. If he does not do this, his scoring peg is moved backwards 10 points, or back to zero if he has less than 10 points.

    I'm confused whether the player who received the wrong number of cards is penalized for not allowing the dealer to count the cards, or if the dealer is penalized if he does not count the cards.

  • Cribbage rules - the scoring   7 years 14 weeks ago

    From the Cribbage Rules page, "The Go":

    The cribbage rules for scoring 'go' sometimes cause confusion. You earn a point for go when your opponent cannot go. This may be (a) because he has no cards (sometimes called 'One for last'), or (b) because he cannot play without going over 31 ('One for the go'). In either case if you make the total 31 you score only 2 points on the cribbage board, not 3 (because the go is included, as described above). However, you may well make 15 with the last card (in which case you do score 3).

  • Cribbage rules - the scoring   7 years 14 weeks ago

    I played the last card which happened to make I get 3 points...2 for 31 and 1 for last card...big arguement over this

  • Cribbage tables for sale   7 years 14 weeks ago

    I have been looking for a cribbage table for my son,
    how much do you charge for them & where abouts are you located?

  • Free cribbage board templates   7 years 15 weeks ago

    your hand does not count once your opponent counts out

  • Cribbage rules - the scoring   7 years 15 weeks ago

    If you have agreed to play the variation where you take points if your opponent misses them, then he gets 6 (or eight if he called the pair of threes)

  • Cribbage rules - the scoring   7 years 15 weeks ago

    it doesn't really matter what order you score in, the total is still 14. But I think most people I play with would score the 15s first...

    15-2, 15-4, 15-6, and a double run makes 14

  • Cribbage tables for sale   7 years 15 weeks ago

    Well this is David and afterover a week I have gotten no response to my inquiry

  • Cribbage rules - the scoring   7 years 16 weeks ago

    my frind and i were playing and this came up and we got into an argument about it. i had in my crib hand 2,3,3,K,j THE turn up card was and ACE I took the points for the four fifteens which gave me 8 but i did not take them for the double count of a run of three. My friend took those six I said he was wrong to. was he or was I wrong for not counting them?

  • Cribbage rules   7 years 16 weeks ago

    when do you change dealers?

  • Cribbage rules   7 years 16 weeks ago

    I've played this rile for many years - even if only a local rule and not an official rules of Cribbage. This is not an official rules you will find in any tournament - it is only a rule that can be applied when the players at a table agree to it in a friendly match. The actual rule has a number of variations - but for my games we say that if you land in the stink hole you cannot get out without having exactly one point - which is essentially saying that you can't get out without a "go". Any other points in your hand are forfeited. For example, if you are the dealer and you land in the "stink hole" you forfeit your hand and you crib to the next round or until you get a "go" - regardless of the number of rounds left in the game. In addition, if you are given a "go" and you have cards that give you "31" then you still cannot get out. Anyway - these are my local rules and I've been playing with these rules for the last 25 years - and got them from me mother. Cheers and I hope this helps you play - and as I've said you don't have to agree to the rules - no official in any tournament would uphold this one. It just adds to the fun of the game and some additional meaning to the term "stink hole".

  • Looking for Ron Cyr "Cyrcle" cribbage board   7 years 17 weeks ago

    I have one with the original instructions. Was going to put it on Ebay.

  • Your 29 hand stories   7 years 17 weeks ago

    Hi, My name is Laura as well,
    and I read what you had to say. As I read I thought I was reading my own entry, I too feel like I am the youngest player of cribbage, I am 20. My father also taught me the game of cribbage, it is a popular game in his family. We have a cribbage tournament among family members every year and the winners get trophies. My father and I love cribbage because it keeps our math skill strong and we have benefitted from this in school. Cribbage is a great game and I hope to pass it on to my friends and future family and keep the tradition going.

    Thank you,

  • Cribbage on android   7 years 18 weeks ago

    Hi Richard,

    Thanks - actually we haven't forgotten Android, there's a special page for Android cribbage software here: Android cribbage apps - featuring a full review of Cribbage Pro and screenshots.

    Hope you like it!