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  • Cribbage rules - the turn-up   6 years 32 weeks ago

    When adding up points at the end of the game, is the up card a wild card regardless of what it is? For esample, if it is a Jack in addition to the original two points the dealer gets when turning it up does the Jack in players hand become a wild card too? So if that’s true, then if a player has a Jack in hand, a Jack as a up card and a single card in his hand, then he can count the two Jacks as a wild, the single card becomes a triple, a pair becomes quadruple and so on?
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  • Your 29 hand stories   6 years 39 weeks ago

    I think it is wonderful that so many people still enjoy cribbage and I have found that most have been taught by relatives. If you know the game, think about teaching it to a youngster.

    If you want to play with other cribbage lovers there are many outlets, but perhaps the best way is joining a league which is perhaps closer than you think. Young and old are welcomed, experienced, or those still learning this ever-changing and challenging game are always welcomed. You can find a Grass Roots club nearby your home or play in tournaments throughout North America. Look to for additional information and Keep Cribbage Alive!

  • Cribbage rules - the play   6 years 39 weeks ago

    Runs do not have to be insequential order, so you were correct. That run scores 5 points, and if a 2 was played as the 6th card, it would have scored 6 points!

  • Cribbage rules - the play   6 years 39 weeks ago

    There are no double or triple runs in pegging, only runs. In your example, the second four 'broke' the run and would be scored only as a pair. Two additional cards, such as your 5 and her 6 could then be used to make another 3-card run, but the initial run was broken by the second four.

  • Cribbage rules - the scoring   6 years 39 weeks ago

    That would be an incorrect scoring. Don't think of runs of 3 seperately, but look at your maximum runs and then count each one of them. In your example hand you have two runs of 4, plus two 15s, plus a pair. It should be scored as 15-2, 15-4, runs for 12, and a pair for 14. The score for that hand is 14, a very good score indeed.

  • Cribbage rules - the scoring   6 years 39 weeks ago

    Remember there should only be four cards in the crib, not 2, 3, 3, K, J with the starter card as the ace. Assuming that one of the ten value cards was not in there you would have had a hand with 12 points. (Two 15s and a double run of 8 for 12)

  • Cribbage rules - example hands   6 years 39 weeks ago

    There is only 17 points in that hand, one 15 for two points and a triple run (that always scores 15).

  • Cribbage rules   6 years 39 weeks ago

    Assuming that the players are all playing to 121 (yes, there is a variation where only one player plays to 61 and the other two to 121 as partners), then the skunk line (90 points) would still be in effect. Assuming the scoring of your game, you would win one game against the player with 110 points and one and a half (or two) games against the player scoring 85 points.

  • Cribbage rules   6 years 39 weeks ago

    You will change dealers after the crib has been counted by the dealer and scored and the cards then turned over to the opponent. (pone)

  • Cribbage rules   6 years 39 weeks ago

    The player to the left of the dealer cuts the deck for the starter card that is exposed for later counting of the hands.

  • Cribbage rules   6 years 40 weeks ago


    Rule 9.4. Mixing Hand With Other Cards

    a. If a player mixes his or her hand with the crib or pack before it is counted and pegged and before the opponent confirms the count (see Rule 9.2), the player forfeits the count of the hand.

    b. If the crib is involved and the dealer mixes the crib with the pack, the dealer forfeits the crib count.

    c. If the pone mixes the crib with the pack, the pone is penalized two points and the dealer is permitted to retrieve the crib and peg its value. If there is disagreement on the cards, summon judges.

    The judges shall assist in the reconstruction of the hands in an attempt to determine which cards were placed in the crib.
    The cards that the players recall shall be retrieved. If a full crib cannot be recalled, a judge shall shuffle the remaining pack and from the top add the number of cards required to constitute a full crib.

  • Cribbage rules   6 years 40 weeks ago

    Actually there are two different times that the deck is cut in a cribbage game. (required in tournament play). The first time is before the cards have been dealt, and that cut is offered to the player on the right of the dealer. The second time is when the deck is cut for the starter card after the players have discarded to the crib. The deck is offered to the player on the dealer's left. In a two-player match, they are obviously the same person cutting both times. It should be noted that, at least in tournament play, the deck must be cut and it must leave at least four cards from either the top or bottom of the deck. for further information.

  • Cribbage rules - the scoring   6 years 44 weeks ago

    I believe the scenario outlined by the original poster is not possible. How could a 5 & 6 be the last cards played for a total of 22, she be left with 3 cards (2, 3, & 4) and her hubby be out of cards or unable to play?

    She states the last 2 cards played were the 5 & 6 and then he said GO. Since she has 3 cards left this means she played 1 card and her hubby could only play 2 cards maximum either the 5 or 6.

    How could the single card played prior to the 5 & 6 equal 11 points?

    Let's say the total was really 21, since this is the largest feasable value for 3 cards with a 5 & 6. Why would her hubby say GO before she played one of her 3 cards?

    Let's say she didn't remember the exact sequence of cards and she played the 4 and then he said GO. Now that sceI believe the scenario.

  • Cribbage rules - the scoring   6 years 45 weeks ago

    Player 1 scores no points just for making the count 25.

  • Cribbage rules - the scoring   6 years 45 weeks ago

    Since the "5" is played when the count is at 20, the count becomes 25. There are no points scored for this. You are correct.

  • Cribbage rules - the scoring   6 years 45 weeks ago

    player1 puts a 10point card player2 follows with a 10 point card then player1 puts a 5 down making the count25 but calls for 2 points because the 2 cards showing = 15 player2 says no the count is 25 not 15 who is right

  • Cribbage rules - the scoring   6 years 45 weeks ago

    player one puts a 10 point card down player two also put a 10 point card down making the count 20 then the 1st player put a 5 down making the count 25 but then calls for 2 points because the 2 cards showing a 10 and 5=15 i said no the counts 25 not 15 who is right

  • Cribbage rules - the scoring   6 years 47 weeks ago

    If I have a run of 4, say 5-6-7-8 and the turn up card is a 7, would you count the 4 runs of 3 separately? The way I would score it would be 5-6-7 x 2, 6-7-8 x2, 5-6-7-8 x2 and 7-8 for a total of 22.

  • Cribbage rules - the play   6 years 48 weeks ago

    We had an unusual situation the other day. I started with 2 my wife played 3 I played 4 for a total of 3 points. My wife then played another 4. I know she gets the pair for the 4s but is that also then considered a double run. The play then continued with a five each then she played another 5 and I had a six. Through all that we still didnt score 31 but how do you score all of the double and triple runs. Very confusing.

  • Cribbage tables for sale   6 years 48 weeks ago

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  • Cribbage rules   6 years 50 weeks ago

    I assume that, as in most other similar card games, since the dealer will deal the first card to the player sitting to the dealer's immediate left, the cut is offered to the player sitting to the dealer's immediate right before the deal commences. Also, the cut can consist of any number of cards, including 0 - which is the same as declining the offer to cut.

  • Palm cribbage   6 years 50 weeks ago

    A free Cribbage game, featuring statistic tracking, various difficulty levels, 61 or 121 point games, 4 or 5 card hands, and customizable colors and degrees of help/automation. It does not include 'Muggins' at this time.

    Excellent application, in my opinion. Reviewed by others as 4 and-a-half out of 5 stars.

  • scoring runs during play?   6 years 50 weeks ago

    Yes. The last four cards (6-3-4-5) still form a run 4 cards long. Since the count (going back to the 1st example) is now 30 and the low card in the current run is a 3, no more additions to this run are possible, though an Ace could still be played for a '31 for 2'.

  • scoring runs during play?   6 years 50 weeks ago

    Re: the 2nd example: While it's true that adding a 2nd Ace won't score a run, the added Ace will, however, still count as a 'Pair for 2'.

  • Fifteen   6 years 50 weeks ago

    There are in fact multiple ways to get points for a '15'. You score 2 points for reaching '15' exactly in the count during the Play phase once for each time the count has started from zero; you also score 2 points for each combination of cards that add up to '15' in the Hand/Crib.

    In your 1st example (assuming that the count is at zero) the play should go as follows: Player1 plays the '10', saying "Ten for 10". Player2 plays the '5' and says "Five for 15", and then says "Fifteen for 2", scoring/pegging 2 points. When Player1 plays the King it doesn't score another 2 points (a 'Fifteen for 2'), as that is counted by saying "Ten for 25". Player1 would only score if that count resulted in a 'Go' (see the Section covering 'Go'). The count is then reset to zero, and play continues, with another chance to score 2 points for reaching '15' exactly. The count can reset any number of times in a hand.

    As in your 1st example, the 2nd also has a single 'Fifteen for 2' (if the count was zero when Player1 played the first '7').
    Player1: "Seven for 7."
    Player2: "Eight for 15, Fifteen for 2." (pegs 2)
    Player1: "Seven for 22."

    In the next phase, counting 15's ('Fifteen for 2') in the Hand and Crib is different, in that cards can be reused in other combinations that add up to 15. If the 'Starter card' (the 'Shared'/'Cut' card) was a 2, and you held a 4, 5, Ten, and King, you would count the hand as follows, saying: "'Fifteen for 2'," (5 plus Ten), "'Fifteen for 4'," (5 plus King), "Which gives me 4 points." (or say something similar for your total). Note that in this example the cards aren't all the same suit (see 'Flush').

    My best advice? Read through the rules and explainations on this website and download one of the free Cribbage games that are available for the computer/phone. That will give you a tutorial/guide, and will (for example) not only tell you the score in your hand, but show you how it was derived. There's a Section that lists suggested games for various platforms.

    I hope this helped... Welcome to the game!