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  • Flush Woes   3 years 37 weeks ago

    Those are the overall odds Dwight. Just like any odds, you might get one back-to-back and not see one for another 2000 cribs. Remember, it is 700 cribs, not 700 hands. You normally only get to see about 5 or 6 cribs per game. So about 150 games or so, you will see a crib flush. That is almost 40 straight hours of playing

  • Which card must be played towards a 31?   3 years 37 weeks ago

    They can play the card of their choice.

  • Cribbage rules - the scoring   3 years 37 weeks ago

    I believe you are correct. You lay one card at a time and score each card successively.

  • Please score this for me   3 years 37 weeks ago

    Just one. It takes all four cards to add up to 15, so there is obviously only one way to do it.

    But what is the starter card?

  • Please score this for me   3 years 37 weeks ago

    Player 2 pegs another 8 points. You peg points every time a new card is played. Let's look at the sequence...

    p1: ace, count=29
    p2: ace for 2, count=30
    p1: Go
    p2: ace for 6 (three of a kind) + 2 for 31

  • Please count my hand   3 years 38 weeks ago

    17 is your answer 555=6 (3pair)
    534=3*3=9(cause 3 5’s)
    555= 2(15 for2)
    Boom 17

  • Cribbage rules - the play   3 years 38 weeks ago

    Great, thank you! It has been a few months since I asked this, but we are playing like this since then. It's a great game, we love it. I know but I couldn't find a rule regarding my problem back then.

  • Please count my hand   3 years 38 weeks ago

    17 fifteen two and fifteen is 17

  • Please score this for me   3 years 38 weeks ago

    Please peg the points that you achieve in unbroken sequences. In the situation you describe, you would peg first two points for the pair, and then 6 additional points for the trips, and then 2 more for hitting 31 exactly. The best score you can make in this scenario is actually a lot more than that. Imagine of you were holding 7, A, A, A. The non-dealer is holding all face cards and another Ace. They lead a face card, you play a 7 for seventeen, they play another face card, you play an ace to 28, they play and ace to 29 for two, you play the next two aces, first one for 6 next one for 14. You just pegged 20 points and they pegged 3 (the pair and the last card of their remaining cards)

  • Cribbage rules - the scoring   3 years 38 weeks ago

    There is no cutting of a right Jack. Cutting of ANY Jack no matter where you are on the board gives you two points. You can be only one hole from going out and the cutting of ANY Jack will put you out if you are the dealer. The ONLY time you use the words 'Right Jack', is if you are holding the jack in your hand or your crib of the same suit of the starter card. (turn card). The "Right Jack" then scores one for that player.

  • Cribbage rules - the play   3 years 38 weeks ago

    Yes you get to score first 6 and then peg another 12 for the quads, but don't forget to peg either a Go or 31 for two. Since they said Go, you are entitled to at least one additional point and possibly two.

  • Please score this for me   3 years 38 weeks ago

    4, 4, 4, 3 seems to add to fifteen. Since you cannot use the exact same cards again in cribbage to make another sequence, you have one 15.

  • Cards laid moved peg   3 years 38 weeks ago

    The ACTUAL rule says that the player reneged on their play, as they should have played the 6 instead of taking the go. This was a mistake on that player's part. If you want to follow the rules as written, the player would take his point back and you would get two points for each card they could have played as a penalty for their error. Additionally, you can call the card that they should have played either dead or alive for the remaining of the pegging (not the count of their hand). It just depends how much you want to enforce the rule. You can view those rules at

  • Halscrib?   3 years 38 weeks ago

    You can find Halscrib daily on The owner posts there daily and you can find out more. You can also start to sharpen your skills on that site, as a new hand is posted daily and expert players talk about board position, pegging and everything in between.

  • Playing for money   3 years 38 weeks ago

    There are numerous variations, and no, the winner does not win with the same score. A penny a point means the differential score. If I beat you by 20 points, then you owe me 20 cents. If you beat me by 2 then I owe you two cents. Many double it if it is a skunk. If you beat me by 33 points, then I owe you 66 cents. You can also play for game $. Say we are going to play best out of five games. We are going to play for $1 and double for a skunk and 4x for a double skunk (very rare). So you can play with points, games, skunks or whatever you want. A normal game is 1/2 or 5, but can be anything.

  • Which card must be played towards a 31?   3 years 38 weeks ago

    You can play whatever card you want as long as you play one or both depending on the score. In this case you would want to play the 3, take your point and hope they play a ten card so you can get more points.

  • Crib board where a skunk pops up???   3 years 38 weeks ago

    Hi I have inherited one from my uncle whom just passed away. He told me it was a gift from a friend years ago who had made two of them. Could that friend be your father perhaps? I’m from Winnipeg. Are we from the same region even?

  • Please score this for me   3 years 38 weeks ago

    Your score is 20.

    15's x 6pts = 12pts

    3 pairs of 8's = 6pts

    1 pair of 7's = 2pts

  • Please score this for me   3 years 39 weeks ago

    How many 15's here ?

  • time limit for games   3 years 39 weeks ago

    Played the whole game co-op with my dad on dual tablets. Great game. First time playing this particular game and it truly did not disappoint. I was immersed from beginning to end and really, really enjoyed play it . I have come to learn that I simply adore the Infinity Engine style games so much. Definitely some of my favorite games period.

  • Free cribbage board templates   3 years 39 weeks ago

    making a cribbage board for my grandson , would appreciate different template

  • Cribbage rules - the play   3 years 39 weeks ago

    During play, I played one 6. My opponent then played second 6 for 2. I then played a third 6 for 6. My opponent passed and I then played a fourth 6. Do I get another 12 points [ total 18]? If not, how do you score...

  • Cribbage rules - the scoring   3 years 40 weeks ago

    Is cutting the jack worth still worth 2 points if you are within 5 points of winning the game?

  • The 29 hand in cribbage   3 years 40 weeks ago

    I was playing at a friends house and was so excited to see I had the 29 hand. We took a picture. My friend's husband had at 28 hand once.

  • Please score this for me   3 years 41 weeks ago

    How do you score the peg points for this hand - at 29, player 1 lays an ace, player 2 plays an ace and then it’s a go at 30 and player 2 pegs 2 points (pair). Player 2 places another ace for 31. Does he then get to peg another 8 points, 6 for the 3 aces plus 2 for 31? Or is it just another 6 points (4 for the additional 2 aces plus 2 for the 31)? Thanks.