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  • Crib board where a skunk pops up???   3 weeks 19 hours ago

    Hi I have inherited one from my uncle whom just passed away. He told me it was a gift from a friend years ago who had made two of them. Could that friend be your father perhaps? I’m from Winnipeg. Are we from the same region even?

  • Please score this for me   3 weeks 3 days ago

    Your score is 20.

    15's x 6pts = 12pts

    3 pairs of 8's = 6pts

    1 pair of 7's = 2pts

  • Please score this for me   4 weeks 1 day ago

    How many 15's here ?

  • time limit for games   4 weeks 3 days ago

    Played the whole game co-op with my dad on dual tablets. Great game. First time playing this particular game and it truly did not disappoint. I was immersed from beginning to end and really, really enjoyed play it . I have come to learn that I simply adore the Infinity Engine style games so much. Definitely some of my favorite games period.

  • Free cribbage board templates   4 weeks 4 days ago

    making a cribbage board for my grandson , would appreciate different template

  • Cribbage rules - the play   4 weeks 5 days ago

    During play, I played one 6. My opponent then played second 6 for 2. I then played a third 6 for 6. My opponent passed and I then played a fourth 6. Do I get another 12 points [ total 18]? If not, how do you score...

  • Cribbage rules - the scoring   5 weeks 2 days ago

    Is cutting the jack worth still worth 2 points if you are within 5 points of winning the game?

  • The 29 hand in cribbage   5 weeks 5 days ago

    I was playing at a friends house and was so excited to see I had the 29 hand. We took a picture. My friend's husband had at 28 hand once.

  • Please score this for me   6 weeks 13 hours ago

    How do you score the peg points for this hand - at 29, player 1 lays an ace, player 2 plays an ace and then it’s a go at 30 and player 2 pegs 2 points (pair). Player 2 places another ace for 31. Does he then get to peg another 8 points, 6 for the 3 aces plus 2 for 31? Or is it just another 6 points (4 for the additional 2 aces plus 2 for the 31)? Thanks.

  • Please score this for me   6 weeks 23 hours ago

    15s - 2,4,6 8,10,12
    pair is 14
    3 of a kind for 6 = 20

  • Please count my hand   6 weeks 1 day ago

    My hand includes 5,5,4 and 3 while the dealers cut card is another 5 . Please count my score & thanks.

  • impossible scores   6 weeks 3 days ago

    Really is 21. 6 6 6 2 1

  • The discard   6 weeks 3 days ago

    We call it a "bupkis"

  • The discard   6 weeks 4 days ago

    My dad (now in the big crib in the sky) taught me cribbage at around 8 years old. We always called 0 in the crib "19".

  • impossible scores   6 weeks 5 days ago

    You forgot to count 5+5+5 = 15 for two.

  • Please score this for me   6 weeks 5 days ago

    You have six different ways to make 15-2 (any of the three 8's with any of the two 7's).

    So that's 2x6 = 12 for fifteens.

    You also get 6 for the three 8's (Pairs Royal) and 2 for the pair of 7's.

    Total = 12+6+2 = 20 points.

  • scoring runs during play?   6 weeks 5 days ago

    Look at the last four cards played:

    That is a run of 4, so you get 4 points.

    The last five cards played (2-3-A-4-2) do not make a run so you do not score 5 points.

  • impossible scores   6 weeks 5 days ago

    j5 2
    j5 4
    j5 6
    q5 8
    q5 10
    q5 12
    555 14
    555 17
    his nobs 18

  • How many 24 hands are there?   6 weeks 5 days ago

    Yes it is possible, and it was done. However, what I was interested in, was the odds of that happening, four 24 point hands because of the cut. We have for years known the odds of getting a 29 hand are. I always wondered if the odds were greater than or less than getting a 29 hand, which by the way I've never had. I've had two 28 hands in my life, one I was able to use the other 28 hand I wasn't. -Thanks for the reply, James

  • How many 24 hands are there?   6 weeks 5 days ago

    Yes it is possible. It happened to me and my brother. In addition, I've set up the cards like that to show that because the 6 was cut all four players got a 24 point hand. What I was initially trying to find out what are the odds of that happening. We know the odds of getting a 29 hand, so why can't we figure out what the odds of 4 people getting a 24 hand is. -James

  • impossible scores   6 weeks 6 days ago

    You might be missing 5-5-5 = 15. I see 15 x 3 (Jack + 5), x3 again (Queen + 5), x1 (5-5-5) for 14 points, then 6 points for 3-of-a-kind, and one for his nob is 21.

  • impossible scores   6 weeks 6 days ago

    Please read the dozens of posts above as to why your hand is NOT 19.

  • impossible scores   6 weeks 6 days ago

    The only lie is your report card from math. Count the hand again, this time using three fives for ALSO making a 15.

  • impossible scores   6 weeks 6 days ago

    Nice try though. There are no 19 point hands in cribbage. You just had a 21 point hand, which is WAY better than having zero. Remember that three fives is also 15. Send me my dollar please.

  • Cribbage rules - example hands   6 weeks 6 days ago

    That is a 5 point run. The cards DO NOT have to be in order, just be in a run sequence.