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  • Please count my hand   6 weeks 12 hours ago

    Did you want to know the score of the hand, or were you just bragging? Here is an easy way to count the four-of-a-kind hands. If it takes three of the 4-of-a-kind cards to make 15 the hand scores 20 (3336). If it only takes two, then it scores 24. (44447) Hope that helps

  • scoring runs during play?   6 weeks 12 hours ago

    There is technically no "Last Card" point in cribbage. It is technically a "Go", but we often call it last card. A go is scored when the player plays a card closest to 31 without going over and no other player can then play. A last card qualifies for a Go, because no other player can play getting them closer to 31. The answer Janet is yes. Take your final Go (last card) no matter where it lands!

  • Help with 3 handed crib   6 weeks 12 hours ago

    It depends on what you are playing for. Let's say you are playing for points or $1. Then one person would owe you 1 and the other would owe you 2.

  • Cribbage tournament rules   6 weeks 12 hours ago

    Wonderful idea Eric. Keep that going for a long time!

  • Please score this for me   6 weeks 1 day ago

    2,2,4,4 9


  • "corners" on the cribbage board   6 weeks 1 day ago

    I think of it this way... "Go" is what you say when you do not have any cards left to play that will be under the 31 point count. No one gets points for a "go". What you get the one point for, is, whoever played the last card in the hand. So when you hit 31, the two points you get are; 1 pt for the last card played and 1 pt because you hit 31 right on the nose. It's not a bonus point, it's what you get when the card count is 31. Same idea as when the card count is 15, you get two points. I know what I just said was a minor detail to be sure, but as a new player to understand what you are doing will bring more clarity. I can remember learning all this 15-2, when to "go" when not to "go"... crib, do I get a point for that? ... my head was spinning. hope this helps.

  • Cribbage rules - the play   6 weeks 5 days ago

    ten.. 5.. 5.. 5.. 5..

    fifteen for two
    twenty: pair for two
    twenty-five: three pair for six
    thirty: four pair for twelve (plus potential GO)

    nothing additional for inner combos of fifteen; right?

  • scoring question   8 weeks 2 days ago

    I had 6-6-8-8 in my hand and turned a 7. I said it would be two double runs worth 16 plus 2 15s with the 7 and the 8-8 for a score of 20. Was I right?

  • The discard   8 weeks 3 days ago

    We call the zero hands "Gus" whether it is your hand or the crib!

  • Please count my hand   10 weeks 1 day ago

    in a cribbage hand what is the score if i have four 4's and a 7

  • Please count my hand   10 weeks 5 days ago

    I got 3333 with a 6 turned up

  • Cribbage rules - the play   11 weeks 10 hours ago

    I am using the new MS Cribbage game, and trying to figure out what is going on... sometimes, without apparent reasons, one of the player gets to keep playing even though the other is able to play without going over the 31 point... none of the instructions seem to explain this -- is it just a quirk of MS? or is there actual rules to explain all conditions that a player gets to go twice or more in a row?

  • Positional play and board strategy in cribbage   11 weeks 15 hours ago

    Hi Again,

    It looks like the Planet Cribbage web site is no longer available online. I was able to find a saved copy using the Wayback Machine on the Internet Archive website ( dated Feb. 8, 2014. That seems to be the last snapshot with any content. The snapshots with later dates are either empty or show a "domain for sale" page. Thankfully, the one from 2014 has the article you reference (Position Isn't Everything).



  • Positional play and board strategy in cribbage   11 weeks 16 hours ago

    Hi There,

    Is it possible that you have reversed the headers in the table? How is the dealer only supposed to hit 7 on the first hand while the pone hits 17?



  • Facts about cribbage   11 weeks 3 days ago

    What are you averaging?

    I taught a friend how to play, and we have been keeping track of our hands. We are both averaging 11 points a hand and have played a few 7 hand games. No 6 hand games yet.

    Where is 'good'?
    Where is 'improve'?

    What are you averaging?

  • Three and four-handed cribbage   11 weeks 3 days ago

    I have only heard of four-hand cribbage played as two teams, and have played it that way: each player is dealt 5 cards and discards one to the crib. Deal alternates between teams, with each player getting a turn at the deal. Teams peg their scores together, and the crib counts towards the team's score.
    I'm looking for more multi-player rules--been playing 3-hand (5 cards dealt plus one to start the crib, each player discards one), and we're not sure how the "go" works. For example, if B calls "go" after A plays, may C continue (and maybe total 31) or must he start over from zero?

  • Cribbage rules - the scoring   11 weeks 4 days ago

    Paying a game of pairs tonight, and I laid the first card an 8. Next player lays a 4, my partner lays a 5, dealer lays a 3 for 3 points, I lay a 2 for 4 points, next player lays an ace for 5 points and heres where we got a bit lost. My partner lays another 5 and calls 5 points. Was he correct or not?

  • Cribbage rules - the scoring   12 weeks 20 hours ago

    correct two for 31 no go point

  • Cribbage rules - the scoring   12 weeks 20 hours ago

    one card at a time was the correct way to play

  • How to score this hand?   13 weeks 2 days ago

    There are 6 fifteens for 12 points and double pairs royal (4 of a kind) for 12,for a total of 24.

  • impossible scores   14 weeks 1 day ago

    That is a 21 hand. You forgot the three 5's resulting in another 15

  • Cribbage etiquette   14 weeks 3 days ago

    Do the players cut the deck after the end of the game when playing best of a series or does the winner or loser deal. We have possibly playing this part of the game wrong. Also, Al says hi.

  • Please score this for me   14 weeks 5 days ago

    4-6-3-5 count for 4

  • Please score this for me   15 weeks 20 hours ago

    Yes, it is an unbroken run score 4 points.

  • Please score this for me   15 weeks 20 hours ago

    12 points