Cribbage Chat Room

(04:40:06) cherish (guest-8418):


(23:00:20) Mike (guest-8435):


(23:01:03) Mike (guest-8435):

Is this a good place to play cribbage?

(13:54:32) willsie (guest-8464):

ready to play

(04:39:22) richard (guest-8470):

Richard says chat

(04:40:23) richard (guest-8470):

play cribbage chat free

(11:51:29) Raydio (guest-8472):

just like to play

(10:14:44) Penny (guest-8478):

how do you join?

(12:01:14) sunthymes (guest-8485):

I would like to join the chat room

(21:02:21) Joe Boulware (guest-8567):

5 players.1st.player lays a 5,2nd. player lays a 7,3rd. player lays a 6,scores 3 points for run,4th. player lays a 7,then 5th player lays a 5.Does he get 3 points for a run?

(21:05:34) Joe Boulware (guest-8567):

5 players. 1st. play is a 5, 2nd. play is a 7, 3rd. play is a 6 for 3 points,4th. play is a 7, 5th. play is a 5. Does he get a 3 points for a nrun

(15:48:27) guest-8569:

hello all

(17:58:51) Louis (guest-8650):

trying to find a site where i can play some cribbage and meet some men along the way.....

(18:41:33) Louis (guest-8650):

looking for a room to play cribbage and chat with other gay men.......

(08:35:06) alice severance (guest-8679):

i am new here

(08:47:40) alice severance (guest-8679):

i dont have a password on here unless i use my password do i make up another one ?

(19:30:54) Tj (guest-8685):

Let’s play

(19:41:43) Guest (guest-8685):

Hello ladies

(01:42:07) Russ (guest-8694):

Wanna play but not sure how to get started

(01:44:58) Russ (guest-8694):

Wanna play Karen

(01:45:43) Russ (guest-8694):

Wanna play penny

(01:49:41) Russ (guest-8694):

new and trying to get started
How do I get a table

(04:43:44) Rob (guest-8714):

looking for a female to play with. m 51

(19:09:34) guest-8685:


(09:15:42) Arnold (guest-8750):

hello everyone

(14:17:51) donna (guest-8751):


(14:18:05) donna (guest-8751):

like to play with a real person

(14:18:31) donna (guest-8751):

rob, can we play??

(04:03:55) Tj (guest-8761):

Hi donna

(04:08:59) Tj (guest-8761):

where are the gals

(04:10:05) DLN (guest-8769):


(04:11:36) DLN (guest-8769):

I'm not a female to play with, btw

(16:40:20) guest-8770:

I like. cribbage with real people

(16:41:21) coloradojake (guest-8770):

just a nice game

(16:41:29) coloradojake (guest-8770):

or chat

(02:05:06) Jt (guest-8888):

Hi all

(21:03:46) WILLIAM WHITE (guest-8934):

would enjoy a chatting game

(08:14:01) Daybill1 (guest-8953):

looking for nadjalyn

(20:39:38) adam (guest-9108):

where do you play the cribbage games at ?

(03:49:57) Robert F (guest-9112):

How many points for Go can you receive in one hand ?

General chat about cribbage. If you have a question, ask it here!

Need help scoring

I am new to cribbage and it takes me a long time to tally up my score and sometimes I miss something. Are there any tips or tricks to get faster and reduce error? Thanks!

runs to 31

In counting to 31, Can a run of 4 be scored without a run of 3? IE: a 6 is followed by a 4, 7, then a 5 for a run of 4 through 7.

We are playing cribbage and

We are playing cribbage and we are at the end of game and I have pegged all the way to the last hole and are confused on weather or not I can peg out before we count cards.

Pegging Out

Yes, you can peg out and win the game before any hands are counted. In fact you can win the game but a cut of a Jack or even from a penalty before the cards are even dealt.


Hi, I received a wonderful new board for xmas, but it didn't have the skunk decals or then number decals. Anyone know where I could find these?

newbie confused on play

my wife and I are trying to learn the game... i am hoping someone can answer what should be an easy question. because of an early "go", we reached a situation where player 1 played their last card, player 2 played a card on that (with one left in hand). does player 1 say "go" or does player 2 play out the hand himself, or does the last card by player 1 end the play?


the "go" has already been established by player one. no other "go"'s need to be said. you said player 2 played one the go with one card left. the next play depends on the count. If the cound is low enough for player 2 to play the second card, it's played without player one saying go again. it player 2's last card puts the count over 31, then player 2 get's one point for the card played, 2 points if it added to 31. then player 2 plays the last card in had for one more point.

re:newbie confused on play

Player one could say go; either way, player 2 gets to play back to back cards. That is not that unusual. It even happens sometime that a player gets to play back to back to back cards. That happened to me not long ago holing a 7-8-9. So I got a 15, then 3 more for a run and one more for my last.

Odds on back to back 20 point hands

I had back to back 20 point hands - What are the odds?
The first hand I had 2 sevens and 2 eights and the cut was seven.
The second hand I had 2 sevens and 2 eights and the cut was eight.