cribagge tables for sale

Cribbage tables for sale

I live in Hamilton,Mt. and I have spent the past lifetime loving and playing crib, and now I am making huge crib tables out of logs and very beuatiful refinished barnwood, they are 48" long,33+ inches high , and from 12 to 17 inches wide, oh and usually 2-3 inches thick. Able to play 3 on most, with holes to keep track of games won, with various designs of pegs. Anyway I think they are beautiful, able to be rolled up to chairs on casters and designer brass handles. Most have polymer finish or polyurethane of many coats, You must see to appreciate. Well I make them but am unsure how to market them , that is not my cup of tea, just want to build them and let someoine else sell them at their own price, I make some you make some. Any takers? I can send pics to anyones email that is truly interested. My email is david_frankforter@yahoo

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