beta-test game

New Game, Based On Cribbage

Hi. My name is Adam. I'm new here. I hope this doesn't violate any rules, but I wanted to give Cribbage fans a chance to "beta-test" a Cribbage-like game that I invented with a friend over the past couple of weeks.

We're biased, of course, but we both enjoy it more than Cribbage. It's more challenging, more dynamic, can turn on a dime, and has a sort of "game-within-the-game" aspect that adds a whole different level. Cribbage players will pick it up pretty easily, but it has some major differences that really make it its own game.

I'm not trying to sell anything; I just wanted to pass it along and get feedback. The rules are pretty well complete, but I'm definitely open to suggestions.

Anyway, you can view the rules here:

There's contact info on the Web page, and you can download the rules as a Rich Text document.

Thanks! I hope to hear from you. If it catches on, you can say you were there when it happened.

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