Help me date this old Khatam Ivory Inlaid Cribbage box!

So, it is truly a mosaic inlaid top in full, with green, grey, black and ivory pieces. Khatam is apparently the pattern that the mosaic is in. It has two rows of holes on each long side with one hole at each end. There is no hinge, just a snuggly fit top that comes completely off of the box. The interior is a blue velvet, and there is evidence that the wood is maybe stained with something to get that color.

Yes this is genuine elephant ivory (I took it to a jeweler who helped me and many people on reddit agreed with my initial conclusion). Not trying to be mean just trying to avoid the obvious question!

I am looking for a range of years it might have been made in, or any other interesting information you could tell me about the box. THank you!,wCXUUtA,aoA2Xcb,5VSi8o1,mTUnvXG#2

Antique Brewery Cribbage Boards

I am looking for an Antique cribbage board that has Potosi Beer inscribed on the board. I would imagine it would date to the depression, and one like it has been in our family for some time. Long story short, it was "taken to the grave" by a family member, and I am looking to replace it with a similar board. Any help would be appreciated.

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