Captain's Cribbage

Captain's Cribbage is a variant of cribbage for three players. It is played as three-handed cribbage except that two players team up against the third. The lone player (the Captain) must make only 61 to win, while his opponents score jointly and must make 121 between them. Each person takes a turn at being the Captain.

The scoring of Captains Cribbage is as follows. After three games each player counts up the number of games he has won, whether alone or as part of a team, and the person scoring the most games is the winner. A two-handed game may optionally be played as a tie-breaker, though when serious money is at stake (such as the price of the next round), thrill-seekers may prefer to cut for it.


I remember playing a 2 v's 1 player game of crib when I first started on the railway in the UK. 40 odd years later, I was trying to introduce my now playing friends to this game.
On the railway it was called "Chinaman" but I wasn't sure if the chinaman/captain had to reach 60 or 90 points. This was because the first game we played, the chinaman had ridiculously great hands and it seemed to unbalance to be 60! We played a couple of games after that and things were much more balanced.
Not sure about this though - I was taught that the chinaman "Always" had first go of the "Box" hand, does anyone now if that's true?