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Cribbage board templates and plans are essential if you want to learn how to make your own unique cribbage boards. All you need to do is print out one of the free cribbage board templates on this page (for example click on the image on the right and print it from your browser.)

Cribbage has been played for hundreds of years. The rules of cribbage are simple, but there's much scope for strategy, which means skill and experience will prevail in the long run. If you're curious about any aspect of cribbage, such as muggins, the go, nobs or the stinkhole, we've got the answers (start here for the complete guide to cribbage).

A cribbage board layout typically looks like this, though you can design one yourself if you wish - any layout will work so long as there are 60 or 120 holes for each player! Finding a cribbage board online is probably the best way to get started - try the design on this page or use one of the links below.

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Here are some free cribbage board templates and tips on how to make your own cribbage board. It is also possible to buy a cribbage board kit which contains all the necessary materials and plans. Making a cribbage board is a great woodworking project and can be as simple or as ornate as you like. Start with a simple design and work up to creating more elaborate boards.

Large cribbage board plans can be made by printing out the template from your web browser, and then enlarging the plans with a photocopier.

Complete instructions on this cribbage board project from Canadian Home Workshop magazine

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If you are interested in learning how to make your own cribbage board, you could sign up to the Build a Cribbage Board goal page at

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If you're learning cribbage, or just need a refresher course, see our Cribbage Rules page for more information, or visit the cribbage strategy guide. You can also find out the odds of scoring a 29 hand in cribbage, find free cribbage software to download, or play cribbage online!
While you're busy drilling your cribbage board template, why not practise your cribbage against the computer? When your home made cribbage board is ready for use, you'll be able to take on all comers and win!

29 hands

I have been fortunate to be dealt 2 29 hands in the last year.
The first was very conventional and was acknowledged by all.

The second was dealt to me and the hand was played, but my wife had first count and closed the game out. She contends that since I did not get to count the hand that it does not officially count as a 29 hand.
I contend that the hand was dealt and played and the fact that I was unable to count it was irrelavant.

I will be intersted in hearing form your constituents.

SRL in Michigan


your hand does not count once your opponent counts out

29 Hand

Whether it counts towards the game is , in my opinion, irrelavent. We are headed to the trophy shop with those cards and getting them mounted for display. Congrats!!

29 Hand

Those hands are few and far between. Although it does not count as far as scoring in the official game, the hand was dealt and played. You had half the thrill....I would have pegged those points just to make myself feel good!!!!


I'm with you on that one,I am 62 and have never had a 29,weather or not it counted you still were dealt a 29 hand,noone can say that you never had it in your hand.

29 hand

Irrelevant. Congrats on the one legit 29.

29 hand

I have played for years and never had a 29 hand.

A friend of mine had one in his lifetime and he has played much longer than I have. He lost the game. He ended in the last hole.


Congratulations! on your 29's. Your wife is correct.

If you play in the ACC

If you play in the ACC (American Cribbage Congress) grass roots league, the hand is recognized even if you can't count it.

Unfortunately your hand does

Unfortunately your hand does not count.....Fortunately you have had two dealt to you...I have never seen even dealt one in thirty years and thousands of games played.

My students thank you

Thanks for your template! With one week left before Christmas, I'm opening up my Tech Ed lab for students to make gifts for their families. The closing of GM in our town (Janesville, WI) in 2008 has left 50% of our student population at or below the poverty level. If anyone has more ideas for small woods projects we can quickly craft (I have a small woods shop in our lab), I will appreciate hearing them.

cribbage templates

Other than the one template shown, where is the link to the other free templates?

I am also wondering...

I am also wondering...

making a cribbage board for

making a cribbage board for my grandson , would appreciate different template

Master Cribbage / Big Crib

When I was a kid we received a cribbage board with a score of 300. When we read the rules it turns out that it was a 9 card deal with a 3 card discard. Anybody heard of it and any chance you have the rules. The basics are the same but I am looking for the flush rules, they were I believe, slightly different. Thanks James