Board & pegs?

Got a cribbage set for Xmas. The rules sheet that came with it is gibberish. I've looked at numberous sites with cribbage rules and nobody explains how to use the pegs on the board. I get that it's to keep score, but how? At what point do you start placing pegs on the board? Why does each player get more than one peg? How many points is a peg worth? What has to happen with the cards to allow movement on the board? Nobody explains any of this, without which cribbage is just another card game. Can someone here please explain it to me?

Rules and how to play

Most of the questions you have can be answered at Boards are used for keeping track of scoring only. They serve no other purpose. Each hole is worth one point. As you move along the board you will 'leap-frog' over the pegs, moving your rear peg past your front peg in order to score the points. Knowing that there are really 2 phases to the game helps and you should look into how the play develops and is scored. Again, will help you here and also give you local places that you can learn and play at. Look for local clubs and I promise you they will help you to learn the game.